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  1. Gillian 6 years ago

    I performed a meditation on Nov 2nd, to move into the ancesteral realm. It was interesting, as I didn’t ever know my grandparents on either side, don’t even know their names. I know that my maternal grandmother is my teacher from the south direction. we never knew our grandparents. I couldn’t call their names during the meditation, I just had to let it flow. I saw many, it was quite crowded, but the one that stuck out the most was a woman, young, dressed in “flapper” dress from the 1920’s. Her dress was beautiful, and she wore a fabulous hat, short bob haircut. there was fringing on her dress, I remember it swishing around as she moved. She held a hand out to me, but I don’t remember if anything else happened. That was as far back as I got. how did you guys go?

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