1. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 4 years ago

    very cool – awesome stuff 🙂 I just love how this stuff holds true and it is nice to see the physical representation of how energetics affect us all of the time.

  2. Hanna Isaksson 4 years ago

    I really liked this talk and I can see that I have started this type of cleansing the last couple of years and specially this last year. I don’t feed myself with negative energy in the same way as I used to. As an example, last summer I decided to never say that I am stressed again. Instead I have to describe my feeling. Because if I walk around telling everyone I am stressed all the time, that will be my feeling. It’s also a form of negative focus that I am trying to release. I also stopped watching TV-shows with crime or scary things. And I am much more selective how I consume news. This talk made it much more clear what I have been doing and why.

  3. Valerie 4 years ago

    This was awesome! I have been witnessing these shifts in my enviroment unconcious for the last 3 years. It al started with my paintings, before tey where darker and not a lot of colors, now I make more art with beautiful vibrant and deep colors. The scenary also changed, more natural and spiritual. Then my feelings changed also and my thoughts.The music I listen to, the movies I watch and the words I spoke. And from there everything chifted. I did’nt realy noticed it at first and thought i was just making progress in my art, but accualy I made a big change in my whole life. This morning before i watched the soul work video, i came out of my bed coming down the stairs and noticed the wall on my right, and i recieved a message: Hmm I thought …this wall could be much more beautiful if I made a large painting with vibrant colors a human figure in lotus with al the different Chakras 😀 Like the images you see on the Internet. But a bit different with positife words flowing trough the matras ! And then I watched the video, and I whent AHA ! I am surely going to make that one 😀 Thank you so much Dakota ! This is a precious gift you give us. I almost forgot to mension, I did the muscle test a few years ago with a friend, she said that before I shoose a gem that strenghtens me i needed to put it against my heart and lift up te other arm, and she tested it like you did with Amber, and it worked also 😀 Bless you

  4. Ron 5 years ago

    lost without the transcript.
    muscle testing used as an alternative to pendulum dowsing.
    interesting that word signs and thoughts can set the mood, like being near ‘unsettled’ or upset people.
    interesting that used books have previous owners’ energies. I have a lot of used books!
    oh, that’s why I stopped listening to the radio! music control!

  5. Kate Towell 5 years ago

    This was a very powerful teaching. Thanks Amber! I’m going to use the long weekend to clear out some old energy in our environment. Looking forward to the shifts

  6. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    I loved this, thank you Amber for being such a good sport. I really enjoyed seeing you in this video. What you said about Isabelle being calm was exactly the feeling I got when I went to visit her. Thank you Dakota.

  7. Ariane 5 years ago

    I tried some of these exercises with my daughter but it didn’t work at all? Neither when she did it to me or I did it to her :/

  8. Marisse Gabrielle 5 years ago

    That was lots of fun. And it was nice to see Amber in the video too. Hope she was reheating some good high vibration food at the end there too! 😉

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