1. Machell 5 years ago

    Thank You so much Dakta!,
    My engineering brain soaked this info up like a sponge leaving me wanting tons more!
    The part about watching it in position or watching it in motion really struck a chord with me, I have spent my life watching it in position!
    Remember one of the first things I spoke with you about!
    Look at that there is a theme here : Flowing freely, movement, motion….

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Love it Machell .. you and I are a lot alike in that we like that scientific twist on the spiritual!

  2. Gillian 5 years ago

    I love love quantum physics and the power it brings to us. As an engineer, I have studied newtonian physics, n struggled to fit this model into my beliefs. Quantum physics sets it free. I thank you Dakota! I and yes, I noticed the owl too! This is a powerful teaching, thank you,

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I’m glad you like it Gillian. I think in a previous lifetime I must have been a scientist or physicist because this stuff makes me really excited. To see our spiritual world fit into a scientific equation or understanding just feels right. And yes, I agree with you that the Quantum viewpoint or model feels much more aligned than other limited viewpoints.

  3. Grace 5 years ago

    Powerful video. To much to attempt to say here. I will watch this one several times.

    And thanks Colleen, your sharing was very helpful to me.

  4. Gillian 5 years ago

    I love love quantum physics and the power it brings to us. As an engineer, I have studied newtonian physics, n struggled to fit this model into my beliefs. Quantum physics sets it free. I thank you Dakota! I and yes, I noticed the owl too!

  5. Marisse Gabrielle 5 years ago

    Thank you Dakota! I loved hearing about all the fancy scientific ways of looking at ‘reality’ and God. It makes a lot of sense and I enjoyed this lesson a lot. It actually feels comforting to know that we’re not living in a 3D word. I especially love the part about being the emotion first. <3

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I love that idea too Marisse – being the emotion first. I need to practice it more, wake up in joy and love everyday and then let the day create itself around that expectation!

  6. Barbara 5 years ago

    1. This video is amazing. I could feel it in my body as I was watching it. Thank you very much for this @dakotaearthcloud. It makes perfect sense and it resonates with me both physically, mentally and emotionally, I will now digest it and hold the intention to integrate it and change the way I think, act and feel. I know that putting understanding into practice takes effort and I will see if I can re-create the feeling I had, when watching this, as I start changing my way of being in this world.

    2. I had an experience of divine timing and out-of-body when you mentioned seperation @dakotaearthcloud. It was an experience of many events from my life falling in to place. I was actually pulled out of the present and could see/feel the people and places I have seeked out in the past and the lessons I have learned all coming together. I am very aware of certain experiences, actions and pivotal moments in my life that I have both consciously and unconsciously sought out. And I could see such experiences from especially the last 6 years of my life tying up with this experience of the Mentorship and specifically the truths of this video.

    3. Another example of how reality is manifested by what we believe: when Columbus arrived with his ships to the Americas, the indigenous people were not able to see the ships because they were not part of their reality. Only the shamans could see the ships. And after a while, getting used to this new part of reality, the rest of the people where then also able to see the ships.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Barbara, you’ve probably heard me say this a million times but the first true step to shifting our consciousness and embracing our full potential lies in simply the awareness first of all those moments that led us up to this point. Without that vantage point, it’s difficult to change much. So I’m really happy to read that this came up for you.

      There is so much to garner and wisdom with us to tap into ….

  7. Kate Towell 5 years ago

    Powerful! I loved the aspect that touched on the science behind “be the change you wish to see in the world”. As below so above as within so without. My intention for this course is integration. Integrating all the different teachings I have been studying and embodying them in my own understanding. Yoga, Ayurveda and shamanism. This video really tied together many lose strings. Thank you Dakota!

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Glad to hear that Kate. It is about tying it all together and understanding not only the foundation for who we are but the potential we hold in creating ourselves.

  8. Patricia 5 years ago

    What you focus on becomes your reality, what you think, how you act and how you feel. This means we all have the ability to manifest what ever it is we need or want to happen in our lives. Simply by the power of our belief we already have it, we drawn what ever it is into our reality. This is the difference between living in the 5th dimension and the 3rd. We are all one with the universe and we are a perfect example of what the universe is because we too are the universe. Nature is not only our biggest teacher but our healer also. This is what I have learnt from this unit.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Awesome insights to take away. What are you manifesting in your life through this process? I love that last comment – that nature is our biggest teacher and healer.

  9. Colleen Sullivan 5 years ago

    Has anyone else noticed the owls behind Dakota in all these videos? Perhaps the owl is her power animal in this direction.

    • Colleen Sullivan 5 years ago

      The discussions on codependency and how other people, who are used to us being one way, react when we start on this path, started me thinking about a few things. If we are committed to changing ourselves, our thoughts are focused on that new way of being and thus we attract those new things to us. In attracting those new things, we lose focus on that which we no longer want to attract because our minds are caught up in this new direction, and so those things we don’t want any more get repelled. Then those people who no longer ‘fit’ with our new path also start adjusting to our change. They either embrace us because they are now or choose to be aligned with us or perhaps they remove themselves or fight our change. Because most people operate from their own perspective, they may not be ready to give up the codependency they’ve come to rely on, or perhaps they have their own issues surrounding our changes.
      For example, if we’ve been ‘imbalanced’ toward codependency, our imbalance was our norm. As soon as we shift, or change that norm, we move to a different balance. But someone who has relied on us to take care of them, they were relying on our imbalance. When we change they have to shift their own balance. So they either balance toward a new norm where it is not codependent with us, or they find someone else to be codependent with. Does that make any sense?

      • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

        Yes, Colleen this makes total sense. Now, I’m going to ask you a favor … if you were to rewrite this and change we/you to me/I … how does that relate to your own personal path?

        • Colleen Sullivan 5 years ago

          I didn’t literally rewrite it but I read it with the change (does that count? 🙂 ) and yes it makes a lot of sense and it is very true.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Sneaky, hmm? (The owl, I mean)

      • Colleen Sullivan 5 years ago

        the owl is watching

        (special for me due to Hayden – he’s named Pueo for the Hawaiian owl, or Protector)

    • Machell 5 years ago

      yes I’ve seen it several time, also snowy owl is one of my power animals.

  10. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    Ok where do I start? Like Jen says I need to watch it again and again and again and then some to have any hope of taking it all in. First thing I actually understood some of it, I have questions but I understood some of it. Secondly I sat and watched the whole class in one go, hanging onto the bits I understood with the trust I have built up with Dakota. Thirdly I have to admit there is some truth in what Dakota was saying. I have changed, a lot, I have a couple of questions If we have got light streams in our head then why can’t I use that to transport myself over to Sacred Soul Center? And if we have the capability to “rewire”n our brains why couldn’t I fix my own depression? I feel peace and tranquility writing this and Dakota thank you so much for everything you do for your students, for sharing this, for being you. Namaste

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Carol, on a soul level you likely understood and grasped much more than you give yourself credit for. When I began reading and studying Quantum Physics, I had to read things over and over and over just to wrap my head around it. So watching this over and over is not such a bad thing!

  11. Jennifer 5 years ago

    Yeah. I need to watch this again. And again and again and again. Dakota, you just said EVERYTHING that my soul has been struggling to remember for my whole life! I’ve always been drawn to science, ever since I was a child, and I’ve always been drawn to the mystical aspect of it… I can remember the thing that got me interested in studying science and environmental science… I was walking on a hiking trail, and it suddenly struck me out of nowhere that the same molecules and atoms that made up my body were the exact same molecules and atoms that made up the dirt under my feet, the trees around me, the plants, the leaves, the fish and the tadpoles in the pond where I sat every morning before work, and even the air and the sky and the clouds above me! For so long, I lost that sense of connection, but now…now it feels like it’s all coming back. I gotta watch this again. I wish I could share this video with EVERYBODY I know because I feel like the information you share here is so important for everyone to hear! Thank you again for doing this mentorship and sharing this with us.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      The revelations that come with understanding both the spiritual and the scientific are, for me, so profound too. It’s easier to understand that concept of Oneness and therefore live more by that code.

      This has been pretty evident and also difficult for me since the election of Trump too – that all those things I despise about him are also a part of me. Whew!

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