1. Richard C 4 years ago

    As a child I sought the spirit of the world! I know it is not something children do but, I was never a dreamer of large ambitions! I just enjoyed just being! I was and still am to a point a very introverted person, I have learn to soften my shell a bit when it comes to helping others, I find great joy in holding space for others as they share their hearts and I find my greatest peace outdoors, though I was never a great camper hiker kind of guy! never had tie for it was to busy with life! my current path in life is one that slows people down for them to recognize self destructive tendencies and how they go against their nature and how by spending time in nature they can reestablish a spiritual grounding…

  2. Gillian 5 years ago

    My dream is to teach people to honour the Earth more fully, to move away from the trance that is our currently life in this culture and to embrace what is sacred and holy. See where their food comes from for example, and if htye eat meat then honour the sacrifice of that animal, instead of seeing meat as this thing that comes from teh supermarket wrapped in plastic, or already processed and prepared on a bun from a fast food outlet. That vegetables come from the earth, and contain the vast ancient wisdom and energy that IS the earth. I feel too small and insignificant to even start with this dream. I feel fearful of rejection by voicing this dream. And yet I continue to work towards overcoming my fears, and learning new ways to express my desires to others. Maybe this is the repurposing of my dream?

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