1. cari 6 years ago

    Dear Kimberly,
    Thanks for sharing. I soooo get not wanting to be fixed, but I also get reaching out to see what has worked for others. So, here goes. I can completely relate to the feeling of floating around without being able to connect. Based on my experience of that, I would offer the idea that you talk to Dakota and see what she thinks about some private work with her. I have been working with a shaman for a while and have found that doing a soul retreival, along with some other healing work, has made a big difference in my feeling connected. Maybe worth talking to her about…? Love, Cari

  2. Kimberley 6 years ago

    Yes, Gillian, I appreciate what you are saying about the “irrefutable proof” I laugh at myself sometimes because there is so, so much magic in the world all around us…. our biology, plants that feed us, and this amazing world that has somehow popped out of the cosmic soup. This is why I have no trouble believing that there is a Divine Source. I think the proof of a spiritual path, again just for me, is that I request something and I get a clear response “Yes” “No”. Clear means something that is beyond my influence, so probably not pendulums or a “feeling”… more likely a vivid dream or an uncanny coincidence. To be frank, I feel like I am insulting the Source to put forth some kind of “test”. Do you know what I mean? For example, I might pray and say that if X happens, then I know I’m supposed to do Y. How do I know that X is more than chance anyway? So, irrefutable proof could be that I have some kind of special, clearly supernatural gift, as some do. But…. does that mean that our Creator does not care for those who don’t have special gifts? Maybe we all have supernatural gifts (like speech or vision, etc) but it just doesn’t feel supernatural because we all have it. I ask myself why I have to be hung up on this. Why can’t I just move forward anyway? That is actually what I am trying to do with this mentorship… just move forward and try this path and see in retrospect whether or not it works, but it is a Catch-22 because faith is an essential element to the effectiveness of spiritual power. Isn’t it?

  3. gillian 6 years ago

    dear kimberly,, thank you for your real and raw honesty. I hear your pain, and I have no desire to “fix” you, 10 years ago you could have been speaking my story. Your words today were my words then. , I mean, angels – seriously????..

    wanting irrefutable proof that it is real? If someone shared their “irrefutable evidence” with you it might be that you don’t find it so irrefutable. This is such an intimate and intensely personal trip, and humans have documented it for thousands of years, in their own terms. I have had to try on many people’s “proof” to find those that resonated with me.

    I love you, and send that love to you now. May you be at ease, and find comfort soon.

  4. Kimberley 6 years ago

    Hi Friends. Okay… yes, I am struggling. It’s pretty obvious that, while I am perfectly capable, prepared, worthy, I have struggled with almost everything in my life, and in the past 5 years, everything that gave me a sense of belonging has been stripped away. Everything. My block? I think my block is my determination to be honest about what I know and what I don’t. This is a problem when it comes to the kind of faith that animates our life choices. I passionately believe that this world springs from and is infused by a loving, powerful, sentient Source, a Creator. I also think that our personal spiritual power comes via a more specific way of applying our spirituality (a theology, or spiritual path, if you will). I think I am blocked because I have been unable to know what is true and what is not with regards to the specifics of a spiritual path. In the same way that I came to question what the Bible said about Jesus being God’s only son (while still holding it as a possibility), so I feel about spirit guides, my higher self, the spiritual qualities of natural forces and objects. Are they real? What would be evidence of that, sufficient enough to satisfy me? I am not someone unwilling to make a leap of faith, if reason points strongly enough in the right direction, but it has never pointed strongly enough for me to commit myself to a given path or theology. So… because, for me, that is what gives meaning to life, I find my life lacking. I find that I have no reason to have a particular passion, or to really seek out one thing over the next. Although I love all of life, I find myself floating around in this world as if I haven’t been able to connect with any people as family, any place as home, any work as mine. That’s the block as far as I can see. I would LOVE to be done with this, but I don’t know how to get past it. I have no real desire to have a bunch of people trying to “fix” me as a result of this comment, but if you have found a solution that works for you, or if you have seen irrefutable evidence that your path works, let me know.

    • Carol 6 years ago

      Kimberley I have no desire to try and fix you, I still remember what it is like to have people trying to tell me where I was going to live, what I would wear, what I would eat etc etc when I was recovering from my amputation. Anyways enough of all that I just wanted to let you know that I understand where you are coming from, you are not alone. But we will respect your space.

      Sending you lots of love

  5. Grace 6 years ago

    Acknowledging the blocks and fears is very liberating in a way. They are still there, but now I’m looking at them instead of hiding from them while they run the show. Today I sat and talked with them and am ready to pull up the boot straps.

  6. Carol 6 years ago

    Thank you David, that means a lot to me and I am glad it helped you too.

    How are you this week? I hope you are well. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the live call.

    Namaste Carol x

  7. David 6 years ago

    Hi Carol, I want you to know that I find strength in your sharing and hope in your newly found wisdom (the “now I know why” part). I wish each of us the same clarity and as Dakota encourages us to “keep pulling on the boot straps.”

    Realize that the flower needs the mud from which it grows. – Buddha

  8. Carol 6 years ago

    I thought that I had dealt with my amputation by going to see my counsellor but after watching today’s video I am beginning to realise that I have only scratched the surface. I love my stump, I made her a promise when we first met(at least when I think we first met) that I would look after her, but there is a lot of anger and hate still inside of me. I can’t understand how they can treat another human being like this, all they saw was my history of depression, not my stump or how I was going to rebuild my life. My counsellor is brilliant with me and has made a huge difference to my life but watching this video today, everything is starting to make so much more sense to me. The last couple of weeks I have been fighting old battles again but at least this time I know why.

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