1. Richard C 4 years ago

    This was a fun journey, looking at all the different people in my little world and what they added to it both positive as well as negative! from the absence of addictive parents to the over bearing demand of military service! each open a small lock on the personality that hid Richard! which made me a hard worker to a point of workaholic! which for me was a large demon to vanquish or as I di was to accept and realize I was the one who chose this life so I can un-choose it sad part is it was nobody but mine own that made me this way by adding my addictive personality from my parents to the demanding work ethics of the service and you have …me!

  2. Ron 5 years ago

    I went through the different stages of my life (that took a while?), I can pick out the people I admired and wanted to be like, as well as picking out the people who ‘scratched me the wrong way’, and showed me what not to be like. I raised my kids to be like that. Proud of them!

  3. gillian bennett 5 years ago

    I also found this very challenging and painful. Has asked me to forgive and be forgiven. Forgiving has been good (been working on that for a while now), receiving forgiveness a little more challenging. Work in progress. Remembering all who I have hurt, for whom I maybe the focal point of their psycho-therapy is also both releasing yet draining. Heaps of anxiety, but good to do the shadow work this way. Gives it all a face. Makes it more concrete. Debbie Ford says to not regret n want to erase past choices. However I do find myself with regret and sorrow for those who have suffered because of my choices. Work continues….

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