1. dminer11 4 years ago

    Wow…yesterday before reading this lesson I had an overwhelming desire to change my living room around. Let me tell you this is no small undertaking. Every piece of furniture is Heavy. Took me all day with many rests. To my knowledge growing up and up until now the room has never been in this configuration. My chair is in the southeast and the the is in the northeast. The TV is flanked by plants. I think I need more. Sitting here now…even though my furniture has straight lines… the configuration looks like a circle. Hmmm. OMG… ITS LIKE A MEDICINE WHEEL. I’m just realizing this now. Main light is East. Fireplace is South. All of my stones and picture of my deceased Uncle’s property and of a Phoenix rising plus ancestral things from childhood is WEST. NORTH is a painting of my favorite spot in nature in my town and framed pics of my power animals also…my books.
    Books are mostly non fiction. I’m going to have to look this up. I didn’t realize I did this.My quartz crystal are in the East
    And my stones are in the West. My amethyst are in the Southeast. Wow… I had know idea.

  2. Christina 5 years ago

    So I will say that right now my space is a mess lol. I am in transition to move and so we are packing. I have a room down in the basement that is my sacred space and dedicated specifically to my spiritual practices. I started packing it up the other day and had quite an emotional time. This move is such an amazing gift and have been surprised at the emotion that has come up packing, though not surprised as change is still just that. Change. We have been clearing out and getting rid of a lot which actually makes me happy. We are downsizing on our new home and so it will be an adjustment for us all though we all wanted it. It has been an interesting process for sure. I am continually cleansing as we clear out and pack up in preparation for our new adventure. We go this weekend to do our final walk through with the builder. 🙂 I cannot wait trade the company of cars and buildings for nature. However, as I walk through our space I see that we truly made a home here and it is comfortable and inviting. I suppose the comfort and peace of our sanctuary in a city is a little sad to say goodbye to, though I am happy that soon someone else will get to enjoy the home we have created here ..

  3. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    I am struggling with my bedroom. It’s the only place that doesn’t seem to be done. I have ordered doors to my closet, but I haven’t installed them. I started to order a curtain, but got stuck with it. We started to put up the mirror, but it fell down and is now standing in a place were I don’t want it. I really have to make an effort and go through with it now. I been struggling with this small space in my house for 2 month. Is a very slow process. The rest in my house I am quite happy with.

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