1. HillaryBanksSelf 4 years ago

    I liked comparing my 2017 notes (in the Santa Monica apartment) to my 2018 notes (in the Laguna Beach apartment). I know what needs to be done, but for the most part I’ve carried the same good habits here – organizing and only keeping what’s functional and brings me joy or a sense of meaning and purpose.

    In the kitchen, last yer I said it made me feel: quiet, peaceful, hungry.
    this year: quiet, peaceful, thirsty (“more tea, please.”)
    That’s the perfect illustration of the dichotomy –
    Last year: I was hungry for more meaning, purpose and a calling to make bold moves.
    This year: I’ve had a belly full of change, adventure and purging. Now, I’m pensively perched here and I’d sure love a cup of warm tea and a dear friend’s company.

    Ah, the journey.
    Thanks for guiding us as we go, Dakota. 🙂

  2. Joy Little Mountain Cloud Richards 4 years ago

    As I write up my comments, I’m mindful, I am fully acknowledging the reality, I’m not hiding now.
    I know that where I live, this house, it’s not who I want to be. I am deeply ashamed of it, and just pray folks don’t notice how bad it is. Mortified comes to mind when had recent visitor…
    My parents home, and my home when I was married, was clean, tidy, organised but homely.
    When I came here, only as lodger back then, no heating, or double glazings, bathroom and toilet from when house built 1920’s. Kitchen, damp and mold in cupboards, stained carpets, or no carpets, whole in wall in box room…list goes on….
    Whole house a flipping mess…
    So I ploughed a lot of my money into it, and we both got it really nice.
    But then the reality set in, he think things will last a lifetime won’t do maintainace and keeps his money for his holidays, his things.
    I don’t need new stuff, I don’t follow trends, I just want things looked after, not trashed. Carpets ruined again, mold again….crack in wall ( yes I could fix that, but lost the will to even try now..)
    I used to spend whole days cleaning it, top to bottom, when he was out with his motorbike friend, removing stains off carpets, sofas, cleaning grouting, cleaning windows, inside and out. Do it every Sunday, be shattered afterwards, and it would just get trashed again. So in the end I stopped! And I also then resented ploughing any more money into this house, his house. We are not married.
    So there, that’s me.
    My vision board, I look at every night, I still hold the dream, one day….

    My bedroom though, my sacred space, that’s been my salvation, this last year. And I have recently taken over the front room, my old leather sofa in there, plus my solid wood dining room table ( which I cherished all those years married, flipping scratched by him within days! ) But getting used as I desk now, instead of all squashed in bedroom. So that feels good, reclaimed a room… Theres stains on carpet, his motorbike boots! but I will clean in there tomorrow, I want better for me, and I will try my best to achieve it.
    Don’t need palace but would just like things respected, looked after, by both of us.
    And I don’t know how this will all end, I know I can’t change him, I have no right, but I keep thinking, if we could just stop fighting, would I turn a blind eye to the state of the house? I have no answers, so I carry on…work in progress?

  3. Terri Lundquist 4 years ago

    I was dreading this part, and I almost never post, so I forced myself to do this unit and I am forcing myself to post. My home is a beautiful cluttered mess. I know this and it is a constant battle between me and my husband. He collects things and never puts things away – a little bit of a hoarder is definitely in him (ok, maybe a lot). I tend to throw things away and would prefer clean counters and open rooms. We are at complete odds. Everyone of our kids knows that this is a problem because I constantly complain about all the “stuff.”

    In doing this work I realized that it isn’t as bad as all that. Well, it is, but it isn’t. I realized that my home does reflect my spirit–underneath my family’s clutter. I am the base, the foundation, the support. I am the ever-present, space-holder, comfort factor. All the other “stuff” really is just stuff. I can let that go. The first thing you might feel upon entering our home is stuck energy and clutter. But beneath that quickly comes Love, Warmth, Travel, Adventure, Love of animals, and some disrepair–because we have higher priorities than changing every damn lightbulb and keeping everything in perfect working order. We allow for imperfection because we are busy chasing our passions.

    A new way of framing and understanding the battle between my husband and myself for me came in with this exercise. I realized that it is ok for me to live with his clutter because I truly do love him unconditionally. He has a right to be here and be however he is. I am tired of trying to change that and get him to be more like me in this area. The clutter is his, the order is mine. We can coexist. It isn’t perfect for either of us, but that is marriage and love and family and living together and life. So there has been a softening around this strain. I will continue to stake my territory–the kitchen–and clear his papers, etc. out every few days. Just move them to another room for him. In this way, at least the hearth of our home stays open and free and is a better reflection of my spirit.

    The other thought that keeps coming to me is what my best friend has always told me. She says that she loves that our home is a home. It is comfortable and warm even though, given its size and contents, a person would expect to feel intimidated, cold, and nervous about touching anything. She has never felt that here. She loves that our home feels “lived in” and not like a museum. And the museum comment isn’t far off–some of the stuff we have lying around include meteorites, dinosaur fossils, medieval weapons of all kinds, pre-columbian artifacts, viking collectibles, urns and vases from ancient times…My husband is crazy, but crazy fun. So we have an odd home with pole axes, armor, and African monkey heads sitting about. Signed sports memorabilia everywhere and lots and lots of birds and dogs and cats and LOVE!

  4. Christina 4 years ago

    So a year later and a move later…. My new space is almost a year in the making. We are still doing some work around the outside and this “new” home still has some kinks to work out. It has taken a while to transition as it always does but I find that my home here is very comforting and homey. It has a lot of myself in it and I find that when I am gone some weekends and come home I can still smell fresh wood (which I love). I always take a deep sigh and release as I step into the house. I have had people who come visit state that they love our house and it’s so peaceful and comfortable. Everything blends with our natural environment. There is lots of wood and stone and the colors are browns, greens, and blues (all my favorite) with splashes of color here and there. I do love it here! The outside is a work in progress. I have taken one area at a time and the space outside we just finished is beautiful and inviting and there are lots of flowers and a little trail with stones and moss and trees and this beautiful sedge that will serve as grass (many refer to it as forest grass i think). 🙂

  5. Carol 4 years ago

    Hate is a strong word but that is what I feel about where I live, my bedroom isn’t a sacred space since the mouse invaded it and ran across the top of my bed. I keep feeling it when I am in bed and the fear of biting my stump just doesn’t go away. The house is still cluttered with stuff which we have too much of. It is nearly a year since we lost Ben and no matter how hard I try there is still a huge big hole.

  6. Jackie Derham 4 years ago

    5 years ago before I moved I got my home just as I wanted it, loved everything about it, loved spending time there and was happy with it. 2 years ago we moved, I wanted more outdoor space and the area we lived in was not pleasing us. It was one of those times that you know you have to do this but not really sure why? We bought the place we are in now and put all our finances into buying the property without borrowing money, but it left us strapped for cash. Some may say we were stupid but it was meant to be. We moved into a 300 year old Cottage which is run down, damp, no heating and needs a lot of work. I am 100% sure we are supposed to be here but it does not make my soul sing, the outside area is lovely, the energy is wonderful as are our neighbours but not the Cottage. We have not had the money to do much to it, I dumpster dived to get carpet to put round the place. 2 years on and we are going into our 3rd winter with no heating other than 1 open fire and heaters we can only afford to put on minimally. The doors are low so we go round with our heads dipped. Hence I do not love it but it is as comfortable as we can make it so it’s bareable. My room is the best one, a lovely outlook and a large room, this is the one I am making my spiritual space and where I do most things. There has been a few times of us saying what have we done, do we sell and move but can’t bring ourselves to do that as we like the area, I just hope things will work out and one day we can either make it the home we desire or build something else. So this does not help our spirits when we have no money and living in a place that leaves a lot to be desired. The up side is we have sold a lot of ‘stuff ‘ and have a lot less clutter.

  7. Marisse Reyes 5 years ago

    Twice a week I like to do a pretty good cleaning of the house and then I’ll sage and put my energy in the space. I always love to have plants around and I always have flowers in several spots in the house. I usually have incense going, relaxing music in the background (it’s now Indian flutes) and at night I’ll light up some tealights. Whenever I don’t put intention and my energy into the space, I always feel off and it really affects my mood in a negative way. Even when I used to work in an office in a cubicle, I’d always buy potted plants and fresh flowers for my desk.

    I just moved into my place six months ago, so I’ve made sure that it has been decorated to my liking. I’ve also moved homes five times in the last seven years so I’ve been able to shed a lot of stuff I didn’t want anymore. THAT has been so liberating. I just brought some meaningful home decorations and books, really.

    What’s also interesting to me is that I am really, really drawn to second hand stuff. I know this was talked about on the call earlier, but I love to transform it. I feel like there’s something really special in puzzle-piecing people’s stuff to make something beautiful and “me”. With that said, most of the stuff in my house is second hand and I love to think of them as having living, breathing lives.

    My mom kept a very untidy home because of her mental state. The flowers were dead much of the time, there was rotting and expired food in the fridge, she’d toss a bunch of stuff in corners, storage rooms, and such. Out of everyone in the family, I could not stand it. So it’d take it upon myself to tidy up, toss things out, and redecorate. I suppose I felt that because her behavior was so destructive and out of control, the only thing I could do to shift the energy was to clean the space. I suppose that’s why I’m extra diligent in my own home now – because I know how symbiotic the relationship is between physical space and emotional/mental/spiritual states.

  8. lisa 5 years ago

    wow, its amazing how much stuff I could look past. I didnt think it was cluttered but I realized I have a lot of things staged, ready to go somewhere else, that are in a holding pattern. They are in transition, but stuck. nice irony there! so Saturday I hosted a celebration for my Dad’s birthday at my house. I carved out 2 hours to clean the great room and move those things on. what is starling is how different thst room feels now. it so much lighter. Next, my office!

  9. blpark55 5 years ago

    Oh my…. So I used the work sheet for the camper space. Lots of energy going on in here. Building samples, brochures, house plans… However when I close my eyes I can immediately see the space in our new home…as if it is already completed…I just keeping moving forward to that day!

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I can’t wait to see the completion of your new space Lori, looks like it will simply be amazing – and with those views, how could it not be!?

  10. PhyllisEagleDancing 5 years ago

    I live in a 10 x 16 cabin on my daughter’s property. I’ve downsized several times in my life during big moves, so anything that I have is either sacred or useful. Making curtains is on my list and maybe moving some furniture around for better access to creative space. My space is full of “organized clutter”. I like it that way. It is a reflection of my inner creative spirit. I need to toddler-proof it so that my granddaughter can play. She loves it because there are angels hanging from the ceiling, dream catchers in the windows, colorful scarves for curtains, books, jewelry and feathers displayed on racks, art works and mirrors on the walls, and an altar. It’s a lot to take in.

    Outside are works in progress as I have been landscaping gardens and building things out of recycled wood. There are piles of lumber covered with tarps I’d like to somehow organize better. Or, better yet, get the projects done I have in mind to use up the wood. I want to clear brambles in the woods, create fairy spaces, and set up a medicine wheel. I better get busy!

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I love organized clutter, especially the artsy, spiritual kind! I am sure your granddaughter must have a field day visiting you. Those will be some of her greatest memories, I’m sure! So Phyllis, what is ONE thing you can commit to doing outside in your garden space by next week? Just one thing …

  11. Carol 5 years ago

    My house has a lot of clutter, too much for the size of the house. The one room I would want to change is my bedroom because it is where I meditate, where I go to rest my stump. It is hard to motivate myself to do it because if I am having a good day taking Ben out wins every time.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      It will get cold in Scotland soon and perhaps that will be a good time? Or … maybe you can just focus on one area or one corner of the room at a time and make tiny changes each day that accumulate into a big transformation. Doesn’t have to happen overnight but do start with one thing ….

  12. Christina 5 years ago

    This was a nice exercise. We have worked diligently to create our house into a home and so walking and looking around I felt comforted and peaceful. Seeing the animals asleep and happy added to the feelings. The candles gave the home a nice golden glow which I love. It smells like autumn and crisp air as we have had a cool enough morning for me to open the windows. We are getting ready to move in november and so we are going to be clearing out and getting rid of stuff before the move. I have a room downstairs that is my sacred room and is off limits most of the time. My home is very earthy, comfortable and calming. There were a few areas in the house that needed some attention (my 13 year old daughters for one 😉 ). I am very looking forward to the cleansing this next month in preparation for our new beginnings.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      It will be great to hear how your move goes and how you create your new space!

  13. HillaryBanksSelf 5 years ago

    This was a fun exercise for me! I’ve always been tidy, but over the past year I’ve incorporated Feng Shui and KonMari (the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Tidying Up), so for the most part my home feels like a sacred space with intentional objects and clear, flowing energy.

    What this exercise revealed to me was:
    My Home Office is viewable from the living room and it is a cause of stress for me, even if it is tidy. I think this also relates to the fact that I’m growing weary of the work environment I’m in and know that changes need to be made to my career as this current role is dominating my life and is very unbalanced and chaotic. The surfboards that I’ve loved have been neglected. They are proudly on display in my living room, but I’ve not taken them out in over a year, now, and I didn’t realize it, but I feel guilty and like a personal failure or fraud when I look at them, now.

    My bathroom, while tidy and functional, has a stress/tension/ rushing/multi-tasking energy to it. The one thing I wrote that I wanted to change most of all in this room was the energy!

    My kitchen is cozy and fulfilling to me. My bedroom is my refuge and self-care mecca, and my art studio is hopeful, expansive and makes me feel creative, but I only spend 1-2 hours a week in there.

    Very revealing exercise – I so enjoyed it and can’t wait to utilize these insights to make some meaningful changes.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Your spaces sounds beautiful! Can I give you two challenges? 1) get the surfboard out … just one afternoon, go out and play and take a photo and show us what fun you had! and 2) Make 3 changes to your bathroom – add something that has your favorite colors in it, a few candles, and a photo or painting or something that depicts the most mesmerizing scene that makes you feel good. And then buy some great bubble bath …
      Let me know how it feels 🙂

  14. Jackie 5 years ago

    Most of my home is uncluttered and pretty tidy. I am very comfortable in our bedroom, living room and kitchen….when it gets to the office and sewing room, I feel I little anxious. Lots of unfinished important things to do. In those areas I feel scattered, and generally I seem to run around in circles (literally)…oh I need this and that from somewhere else in the house, or I get sidetracked and forget where I am in a certain project. I have chosen the sewing room/space clearing room as my transformation project. Pictures once it is done!

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I can’t wait to see the photos! I can relate to the running in circles bit, sometimes I think I do that as a form of procrastination because either I’m afraid to step into doing something or I don’t want to step into it – either way, there is something there for me to look at. Not sure if that resonates with you or not …

  15. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Enjoyed doing that.
    My bedroom my sacred space, rest of house in state of untidiness but still reflects my personality and that of partners. Homely I suppose and in need of some TLC in places but ok. Not a palace…just a work in progress which might never get finished but I’ve accepted that for now.

  16. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    I am so excited about this…you talked briefly about it at some lesson during the south. So there are a few rooms that need very little attention and others well, a work in progress. The outcome i hope will be a more settled feeling for me. I think now there was a part of me that never settled into this house. Our move was kind of an experiment. Now it is time to settle in for awhile.

  17. Michelle 5 years ago

    When you first walk into my home you may see some clutter lying around but the majority of it is hidden. Stuffed in cupboards, under tables, in boxes made to look attractive. But full of stuff that I eventually need to get rid of. Hidden clutter. Hidden shame. My house never feels clean enough to enjoy people visiting and I constantly worry about what other people think of me; the legacy of having a mother who was a hoarder. This is something I want to change. A home that is welcoming to both myself, my family, and whoever may show up at the door. I also found out that my home may either be filled with feelings of peace and stillness or tension depending on who is home at the time. My gardens are neglected at the moment due to a few pretty tough months. The grass is brown as it hasn’t rained since March, but standing in my backyard I can hear so many different birds singing, and the breeze is blowing through the branches of the trees, and I can feel and sense this is my space to create a truly sacred place. Full of opportunities and possibilities.

  18. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    I love my house that I have built from the ground. I have lived here one year and it is still things I have to fix. During the south direction I started to look in to feng shui and are currently fixing my bedroom and hallway, since the other rooms where quite ok. I have ordered some stuff that I was missing and bought some new things and cleaned away old stuff. Today I could finally clean away a corner with things that I have needed during the building period and it was such a relief. I feel that this is a ongoing process and I take it step by step outdoors and indoors. But the energies are very good where I live, and people who visits me often say that. My next project that start this winter is the renovation of the big house, It will be fun, even if it’s a lot of work, I think my creativity shows itself when I decorate and furnish my houses.

  19. Valerie 5 years ago

    i acualy was allready doing this during summer. when I had the message that my house would be soled. First my heart felt broken but then I started cleaning and putting things in other place, because i have no idea for how long i can stil stay here, i wanted to enjoy every minute of it instead of worrying. Taking care for the land and house while i am still here, putting more plants and candles in the rooms, making it more cosy and relaxed. making the garden more in its natural inviroment and watched witch plants realy wanted to grow, when before i placed them somewhere else or pulled them out. I made myself more aware of the space before even knewing it. I have so much love for where I live and I will have so much love for where ever my next adventure will go and take me. And making it my space .

  20. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    This one seemed easy to me. While in the South direction, I had to create a sacred space and in doing that I completely changed my bedroom around. That got me motivated and I have been purging / clearing “stuff” out of my apartment and redoing each room 1 by 1. In doing this soul work, I have realized that my rooms are still a work in progress and that I still have changes I need to make. As I continue my purging process my closets are still left. I will continue to make upgrades to my living spaces. I have completely decluttered my kitchen and reclaimed it. This decluttering included clearing off the top of the shelves (I had stored a lot of stuff from mom’s apartment here), cleaning / clearing out all cabinets and giving away or trashing items no longer used. My apartment is small and I need to get better at determining what I really need to have in my space and what doesn’t need to stay. I will not pay for storage and I can no longer survive with the chaos and clutter that I have lived in for so long.

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