1. dminer11 4 years ago

    I was really surprised… I’m pretty much in balance. there were 3 things I didn’t check in the devine fem.
    and 3 things I didn’t check in the divine Masculine. 91%female and 90% masculine

    I think because I have my own business and take care of everything surrounding my house and property makes me masculine… but I balance it out.

  2. Valerie 4 years ago

    I see that I am balanced , but where I am or what I do that brings up my masculine or feminine. This has been deceloped trough the years of living alone with my children. I love both , so,this makes me easely adapted of the situation or tasks I do .

  3. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    This is interesting to look at, different times of my life I have different energy, never really balanced. And I know I need to be more comfortable with the feminine or yin energy. As a mother it has to come into play. but I think that i am uncomfortable with it because of society or cultural pressure. While I do feel blessed to be a mostly at home mom, it is hard. I also know deep with in (this is probably the only group who would understand it too) that i have this life style to be able to focus on spirit and developing this aspect of me and to work on ancestral and past life healing.

  4. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    I was more balanced then I thought. But I can also see that I have been more masculine in my public persona and more feminin in my private. I am trying to mix this and be more balanced in the way that I bring in my feminin skills in work and vice versa. I can also see that I have done a lot of job with my feeling that are in the Out of balance column. and that feels very good to see.

  5. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    What I noticed on this is that my out of balance qualities for the Divine Masculine tend to appear on my “work persona” and the out of balance qualities for the Sacred Feminine appear more in my “non-work persona” but certain friends trigger those out of balance emotions rather quickly.

    My In Balance qualities were pretty even. Divine Masculine I checked 56% of the boxes and for Divine Feminine it was 47%.

    For Sacred Feminine, I need to work on the warm and nurturing, I have lost that with my isolation. I am working on my isolation but that will take some time. I also haven’t been creative for a very long time. Though I have recently thought of some things I want make for Holiday Gifts, I need to work on that.

    For Divine Masculine, I think a lot of these unchecked boxes come my childhood. I am not competitive, never have been, I’m not sure that I even have a competitive bone in my body 🙂 Disciplined, Endurance these things remind me of sports, competitiveness and again, something I have not been. There is definitely a pattern here to work on.

    This all brought back a memory from when I was purchasing my first vehicle and my parents were helping me. I wanted a truck. My dad said girls didn’t drive trucks and if I was going to look at them it had to be a “small” truck and it had to be an automatic. Well, there were not a lot of options back then that met that criteria so I did not get a truck. Then, when I was married and we were campers. We had a small pop up trailer and I wanted a truck. My husband didn’t drive at the time, but Bobby said the same thing my dad did. You don’t need a truck, girls don’t drive trucks the SUV works just fine. So 3 months after Bobby passed away – this girl bought herself a truck because life is short and I was tired of being told I couldn’t have one. I loved that truck, until the gas prices went super high and I was commuting 70 miles a day. I have learned to listen to the opinions, but in the end I do what I think is best for me.

    • Francoise Vaal 5 years ago

      I love that part about the truck, Lee-Ann!! Neighbors of mine, a bit down the road) owned an old Mack truck. Made a lot of noise and I loved that thing. (all the other neighbors hated it, because of the noise). One day, it had joined a little parade in my village. A while after the parade I saw the driver walking to the truck and said to my husband: “I want a ride in the Mack” He said: go for it! 🙂 So I ran after the driver and asked if i could catch a ride home with him and the truck. He was a little surprised (a 47 year old woman running after him LOL) but said yes.!! I loved it!!!! It was not very comfortable, the trucks nowadays are palaces compared to this one, but …. I mean… this was a real TRUCK!! 😀 This was not subtle driving…. this was working to get it in gear!
      I don’t hear it anymore, they must have sold it a few years back. But I am so glad I stepped into my masculine energy that day and asked for a ride.

      • Francoise Vaal 5 years ago

        My balance was also pretty even. Slightly more feminine, though. Which is interesting to me, because somehow I always get myself involved in all male ‘gatherings’, like meetings, committees etc. When I still had my coaching/marriage counseling practice, 70% of my clients were male. So outwardly/socially I find it easier somehow to deal with men. Except when they’re in a competitive state which eachother, I HATE that.
        I am going through the list trying to find an explanation, but can’t find one simple answer. It must be a combination of things.
        What I strongly dislike is the competitive and goal oriented state of the world. We need to get things done, surely, but pleeeeez infuse it with more feminine power 🙂

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