1. Valerie 5 years ago

    I felt a lot of sorrow, a long time ago before the farm was here there where a lot of trees and earth spirits. People came and changed the land. Cutting the trees and putting a lot of dirth in the ground. Not respecting the land and iTS spirits. While framing here they destroyed the land poisoned it. There is on old woman whe still lives here, she was the one who nurtured the land and respected it. Growing plants and taking care of the land, then it became a farm again. Again a lot of stress for the land. After that it became a rental house. Yesterday while connection to the land ancestors they told me that at first they did’nt want me here. Because of the past. After a while they helped me finding my spiritual path, my vision. They contacted me a lot of times but I wasn’t realy aware. But from intuition I began to clear the land taking away a lot of trach, plastic, rusted things, glass etc. Planting trees. I always have the need to plant things here, I get visions a lot of times of how the land would look like, back in iTS glory, a sacred place for nature and all of iTS spirits. I do my best for as long I can stay here, but I have to leave someday I know. And I cannot forfill this visions. But I pray that when this house is sold that someone who has the capacity and money to invest back into the land. I Will always be a part of this land I work on the other Side of the land. I realy hope someone comes and respect the land and loves it as much as I do.

  2. HillaryBanksSelf 5 years ago

    My apartment in Santa Monica sits on what used to be farmland that was tended by migrant workers. It stayed mostly undeveloped until the 1950’s when an apartment building for African Americans was constructed. Both sets of land ancestors told me they poured their hopes and dreams into this land. They told me I, too, need to stay hopeful and give my dreams roots. When I asked what this land needed from me they said to “share the space”. 🙂 I loved this meditation.

  3. Jackie 5 years ago

    The land is asking that we don’t use pesticide anymore and to plant more wildflowers at the riverbank so that the ecosystem can be better restored. This unit made me conscious of the abuse and the stress that we have put on Mother Earth, and this makes me sad. I will endeavour to honour Mother Earth more fully in future.

  4. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Forgot to say
    Date, it’s 1st November…
    Very powerful numbers, I love numbers…

    Samhain blessings to all

  5. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Wow, picked up two figures straight away.
    Betty, a milk maiden. She was defiled by three drunken louts.
    I’m going back more than hundred years, around here farmland.
    Folk blamed her! So she was deeply shamed and cast out, baby taken away from her, relatives in different county, raised the boy as their own.
    No one let her speak, they were ashamed of her!
    I believe I was here to hear her voice, love her unconditionally, set her free.
    Kept getting vision and thoughts… Burn in the fire of hell! Sort of fowl things they’d say to her.
    The alchemist in me said no, it’s fires of purification, no need to be in fear.
    Burn away those old beliefs of what society labelled her.

    Then a young man, a soldier. Early 20’s , WW1. But he didn’t believe in fighting , his family conscientious objectors. They hid him in the loft. They had to lie about his whereabouts and socially society distanced it self from them, but they couldn’t prove it. The big house to my right. I’m always looking up there, Michael is his name. He felt guilt, not worthy by society standards and guilt his family going through this stigma too… But they held onto their faith, not to fight another human being. After the war, he was stigmatised, just like my beautiful innocent milk maiden. His family because they were rich, eventually time past and folk came round again to enjoy the lifestyle, good food and hospitality. Open house…!

    Both hurt and condemned by humanity, both got stuck .
    I pray I did some good, opened the portal for them to pass through, the divine spirit they are.

    I know there is a lot of work to do here, I will continue to work with spirit to help with their guidance.
    This place, merchants houses, slave trade…
    Liverpool rests on first place was the birth of alcohols anonymous and gambling anonymous. The sailors, rum etc… And large Chinatown community, who I’ve found out of late, had a cultural pattern of gambling? Don’t know if that’s true but was told it was case in early history of liverpool port by Chinese tour guide in this city…

    I’m watching beautiful sunset. It’s been a very profound day for me too.
    Healing on self first, then ancestors, then land ancestors…

    I realised why had to start with self, my heart. Heal my wounds first. The mother bond… The femine. Then opened up to reality of family genes… Healing the feminine for the women but also the men . Last several years, witnessed the transformation of my brother into my sister now. Distant cousin, wow, found she has gay son, met him other year for first time. My neice she is gay. My cousin, we were so close as children, then family rift? But never saw him after aged 7 or so, he was so kind and sensitive, beautiful soul. Last several years I heard as adult he suffered from depression, he committed suicide. We’ve had family in last few generations, two suicides, two hit and run tragic accidents. So I feel lot of clearing to do here, for my own ancestors and land.
    I’d not of been able to do this without medicine wheel, tools to do it correctly. Respecting and honouring the path.
    Knowing my boundaries, my energies.
    How to go into other realms in knowledge and guidance.
    Deepest gratitude Dakota, deepest gratitude.
    Blessings of love and light a thousandfold for sharing your wisdom.

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