1. Sonia 4 years ago

    My soul speaks to me through music in a inspiring delivering, and so does the soul of my twin flame that usues known musics to send me messages. I wake up in the morning and instantly I start to hear a music, it’s almost like turning the radio on. Sometimes the same music stays for a couple of days other times each day it brings a different one depending of the message he wants me to receive. I remember when after our first talk on skype I started to listen in my head the music “I feel good” and then after the second talk on skype the music was “Love is in the air”. It was pretty direct messages with those two songs coming and I knew something different and very special was going on because never before somebody else soul has talked with me through song like my own soul always did.

  2. Valerie 4 years ago

    When i was a child is sang a lot in a different language, now I started singing my song again. Even when I go out shopping I caught myself humming the songs. I am so happy that I remember it again. Thank you so much ❤️

  3. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 4 years ago

    when I began my shamanic path a song came to me – I sing it whenever I am connecting with the ancestors and creator… I don’t know what language it is or what it means – but I know it from deep in my soul.

  4. Terri Lundquist 4 years ago

    My song has been coming for a couple years now. It really started coming in when I was in Sweden and the UK learning Seidr and Rune shamanism. Song is a key component in Seidr work. It is what sends the Volva into trance state, much like the drum is used for the shamanic journey. The morning I listened to Dakota’s Teaching on Song/Prayer, more developed and I found myself singing it loud in my bed while my husband showered in the next room (he probably thought I was crazy). I know it is an evolving gift and I know I will continue to work with and honor my song, my prayer. The song that is a unique expression of me. In the last few months, I’ve been keenly aware of the importance and impact of sacred sound. I try to sing the runes daily and it really brings me into balance with the above and below. Placing me right were I am in the cosmic order of Life and Love. I don’t sing well at all! But I am working on not giving a concern to that part of it.

  5. Ron 5 years ago

    Being tone deaf, and having a poor memory, I cannot learn a song, I can sing along, sort of, if I have the song sheet.

    When my grand daughter was born, I held her on my chest and hummed for her, I didn’t have a song to sing for her, she loved my humming. I did not hum any particular song, just made noises, relaxed her!!!!!!!!!

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