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  1. Ron 5 years ago

    My neighbor Len is 85 years old. I moved next door to him in 1980. He’s been married over 60 years, it’s almost like he’s lonely sometimes. So I often go out of my way to chat with him on our driveways , over an hour sometimes. When he gets going, I do not interrupt him, or he’ll forget what he was talking about. When I do get a word in edgewise, he often interrupts me! That’s OK, I don’t know how much longer he’ll be here. Even though I have a hundred things to do, I always have time for old Len.

    Lloyd was another old guy I used to meet on my daily walks. I used to go out of my way to talk to him. I always let him speak his piece. Two years ago, I hadn’t seen Lloyd for a while. He turned 97 that January, in about three weeks, he lost his battle with cancer. He was a neat old guy, enjoyed chatting with old Lloyd. RIP.

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