1. Valerie 4 years ago

    I have written down the words before recording. With my headphones playing music that touches my soul. I loved doing this work because it goes deep into my soul. I feel that my heart and throat chakra are more open and i feel more in comfort. Before it was more difficult to open myself, but with the course work of the East this is now gone and I feel more connected to myself. Thank you so much for these gifts Dakota, the most precious gifts that someone can ever recieve that you have brought me. Aho

  2. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 4 years ago

    I did a poem for my father -who passed yesterday. pretty emotional but brought forth some truths. working on gratitude, forgiveness, release & peace. Praying for the confidence in knowing that I am not the things I fear, that I am worthy, I am love and I am light.

  3. Ron 5 years ago

    The first time I heard my own voice, I could not believe that’s how I sounded! I was recording a cassette message for my phone answering machine. Many answering machine messages later, I’m kinda used to how I sound.
    I recorded a prayer on my iPhone, but of course, no idea how to up load it.

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