1. Sonia 4 years ago

    Looking at the soul work I find myself kind a lost because it seems I didn’t had dreams until my teenage years.
    What I remember that is still very vivid from my childhood first years was being at class in school putting me in a position to let my spirit leave the body. For others I would seem like a statue, for me, I was free! The other thing very vivid, was when not at school I would be left alone and locked at home… I remember the suffering within me at that young age and how I would fall on my knees asking “who am I?”
    I remember the love for me coming from birds, cats, dogs…
    Looking at me at that time of my life, I feel a feeling of emptiness for the physical life, and how my body was too small for the consciousness living inside of me. Asking that question at such young age was for sure lead by my subconscious knowing the “real” me was too big to be locked in a small body like mine. That’s why I would consciously set him free during the beginning of classes at primary school, allowing him to go to wherever he wanted and needed without questioning to where would he go.

    Right now I feel again trapped and caged like in those first years of my life, but this time, without knowing how to set the “real” me free, afraid I am still too small for giving expression for that big being within me… afraid he may be too big for this world… I don’t need to ask “Who Am I?” anymore. I have received that answer in 2011, and since then I’ve been trapping myself.

    Seeing the gifts that are being given to me this year, I know it’s time to set him free, to let him live from within me, to accept he is a big part of who I am and this vessel is its new clothes to be used to serve a higher meaning, the one I call Father. The Great Spirit. The highest consciousness, that we all, may we feel it or not, came here to serve, and to let being expressed from within us.

    He tells me “It’s time to set me free!” and I feel too scared to give him the freedom he asks for. Well, I may be the one feeling too scared, but my ego is the one wanting to keep the control of who my ego believes to be. The time to surrender approaches, and so, I will have to end with the struggle I’ve been keeping, and the only way I know to do that is to tell Him; “My heart its yours. It has always been. But now, I deliver it to you no more willing to struggle to keep myself being the front driver. I am alive through you as you are alive through me, no more to share space, but to become one.”

    In that young age I didn’t had dreams, somehow I knew I was not here to have dreams but to serve a higher dream patiently waiting to be expressed, been planned a long time ago.

    May I, be able to have the courage. May I, be able to have the will. May I, be able to have the strength. And so It Is!

    For all that was felt while writing these words, that I may incorporate the truth that was told here, without feeling afraid neither struggling with what that truth is to become, but by sharing it with simplicity, veracity, honor, humility and a open heart.

  2. LeslieAnn 4 years ago

    The memories that have stayed with me from all of those years ago, as a child, are the ones where I was alone in nature. In looking back I can hear the ice cracking in the spring as it is hitting a bridge in my old neighbourhood, I can feel the freedom I experienced once more as I sat on top of my banana bike seat as the wind blew on my face, I can feel the surge of excitement as I surveyed the playground for the first time at summer camp. These moments are the ones that surface, from so many to choose from, because they connect with the reverent experiences I held with nature as a child and they brought me a sweet type of bliss.

  3. normajean 4 years ago

    I have always know that I was a healer. I went down a path that was not 100% my choice, but I loved my journey! And now the outcome is exactly where I want to be right now! I have a true passion for what I do now…best of all, it was 100% my choice.

  4. Hanna Isaksson 4 years ago

    I realise that I have included a lot of my dreams from my childhood in different ways in my life. And it felt good to see that I am on the right track in some ways. But I also have some big dreams to keep aiming for. And I think I know what to focus on in this process.

  5. Valerie 4 years ago

    I realy loved doing this, I noticed that I react the same way like my parents did with me when I was young. It sacred me a bit, I always think that I am letting my daughter and sun be themselves, but I seem to gold back their Dreams. When I was young I had Dreams and fantasies that had no boundaries, but age and experiences blew my Dreams smaller, I Will be more carefull and make more attention of how I speak to my Children. Thank you for this insight and lighting up my Dreams and understandings

  6. Gillian 5 years ago

    I am struggling with remembering! 10 and under is a long time ago for me. I remember vague things, not much. I grew up in a large family without much money, so toys were old and used. Mum did the best she could for all of us, I know it. It was a tough time to grow as an empath and also needing affection. My mother had none to give. She struggled being a mother to many children and only was because at that time there was only abstinence to prevent pregnancy. I am not going to ask my family what they think of me for two reasons. Firstly, I am estranged from most of them, the other is because I really don’t want to know. I never felt like I belonged with the others, and as an adult, deliberately chose not to be part of their lives. In fact, we all did that same thing, moving away, establishing our lives outside. We are not a close knit family at all. One of my sister’s tried to reconnect, and for a while I thought it was going ok, then it came unstuck, and we abruptly and dramatically stopped. *SHRUG*
    My dreams, I really don’t remember too much about them. I remember dreaming about belonging somewhere, because I really didn’t fit in at school, either. That is about the extent of my early childhood memories and dreams. the desire to belong. In the repurposing of this dream, I have embarked on a spiritual journey and deliberately seeking out like minded people to build community to which I can belong and no longer feel like an outsider having to pretend that I understood and trying to be what I thought I needed to be in order to belong. so maybe this is the repurposing of my dream. I want to belong somewhere. I want to make a difference.

  7. Autumn 5 years ago

    Repurposing My Dreams
    Revisiting my life was very difficult for me and stirred up a lot of emotions that I was not aware of or did not want to remember. This week I have been experiencing a gambit of emotions. But after spending much time in reflection, I have found peace. I realize that experiencing death at an early age taught me impermanence. I wanted to be a veterinarian but when I found out I had to put animals to sleep that upset me as a young child with death issues. I trusted animal and my stuffed animal more than people, as they were the pure ones. I escaped in my imaginary world and made forts, or imagined them. I remember imagining houses that I played in that were all constructed in my mind. I have always been a lot different. I believe this place that I lived in shielded me, as I was very sensitive to the magical, not ordinary world. I had a hard time fitting into the ordinary 3D world and this when pushed brought out a lot of anxiety and depression. I was taken away from my family for nine months so I could learn to express my feeling and communicate with people. I still am guarded around people and hard to get to know. I believe that this serves as my protection. I rebelled as an adolescent because I just could not fit in. I wanted to be a photojournalist, as I loved photography and being outdoors. This was thwarted by my need to rebel instead of making good grades. When I did go to college I found my niche with earthy people who liked to party but I found this empty. There was some partying I did though that opened my mind and being to the spiritual world that is not often seen my ordinary eyes. I use to do this and follow a band and listen to music and just dance. When I would dance I was free. My father wanted me to try business but I was just to sensitive and environmentally aware for this so I studied to be a naturalist in biology. When that professor told me that there was no spirit in the animal life…. I became a massage therapist so I could serve spirit. You see it has all been an evolution of my spirit. I also started healing people. My hands are gifted and my intentions are pure. When I work on others, I channel the divine. Nursing has added to my understanding of the bodily processes and to disease so that now I can take my healing work further. Relationships had gotten off to a not so positive start when I was around 16. I look back now and realize I was taken advantage of sexually. This mixture with a poor self esteem and not much self worth left an imprint of unworthiness. It took years to heal this belief system as I use to choose horrible partners who would just use me. It took me understanding what love was not, to manifest what love really is. I have this now with Franklin.
    Through all of this I have persevered. I look back now and realize I was just a very spiritual person trying to fit in and make sense of a not so spiritual world. I have made it a spiritual world through my eyes because the emptiness made me search and grow. I studied Tibetan Buddhism; I studied Native American Indian ceremony. I went to sacred spaces out west. I worked with healers. So I realize that this has all brought me to here. In the here, I realize how much I love nature, animals and the special people… The intellectually disabled as I feel they are pure and the mentally ill especially the schizophrenics as I think they are open to the other realms that others just do not see as well as I can identify with them. I will fight and advocate for injustice.
    It is now that I dress up as a fairy or love to be in costume, as my spirit loves this. I love to hula-hoop with my giant magical hoop. My being loves to channel the divine and I am pursuing new ways to channel this energy. My body loves the earthy mother and I celebrate her by planting flowers. I am a sensitive person and I am Love. I have work to do on this earth changing the vibration to Love. So in retrospect, what started out as a very hard look at my life became a gift as I understand more about who I am, why I am the way that I am and what I want to do.

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