1. Joy Little Mountain Cloud Richards 4 years ago

    I am more mindful now, I really see that when things arnt going well with me and my partner, or he’s demanding my time, it’s like my energy just gets drained. Then I get tired, and I identified it this week, I go into fear, will my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome come back, and will I get trapped here, unable to leave! Things have improved, not perfect by long shot! I stay because I see in him glimmers of who he used to be, but I also see that lost child, angry, lashing out, punishing. I see that now, but I am not going to be a doormat or Martyr either, of that I am certain. But it’s taken a lot of energy to build these boundaries. I am getting there, but still lots to be done.
    I also stay here because my cat, Coco, she’s getting old, I feel uneasy taking her with me, but also found in past, when looking into renting, it’s always no pets allowed.
    Allotment food we have, organic. I love the allotment.
    My headaches seem to have gone.
    I no longer binge eat, but just enjoyed the freedom of some of my favourite chocolate, well, fancied a treat… and needed milk, so that came in handy.
    I am still a night owl.
    I don’t think I’m as stressed as I used to be, so body feels healthier, even my eyes seem to be focusing better some days.

  2. Cheyanne 4 years ago

    I’ve noticed that in the past I’ve been very unhappy with my job and have changed it, which was a breath of fresh air at first, but now that feeling is coming back. This is not where I need to be. But I find myself getting frustrated because I don’t know what I want to do. I’ve put a great deal of effort trying to find out, looking into new opportunities, trying new things, but nothing really resonates. I end up feeling even more drained by all the energy I’m putting into the search and tend to put the blame on myself for not knowing what I want. I know that’s silly. And I go back and forth from feeling okay about the whole thing to feeling stressed again. Something tells me to be patient. The answers will come in their own time. With my health, I feel like I have a good balance. I know I could definitely be healthier in general, but I don’t feel like I’m excessively unhealthy. I could really exercise more though.

    As far as relationships go, I’ve been struggling with finding sacred bonds with friends. The relationship with my partner is the strongest there is and for that I am grateful, but I often feel lonely with the lack of friends I have. I try to put myself out there but end up feeling discouraged because nothing ever comes of it. I’m always the one who puts energy and effort into strengthening relationships but get nothing in return. So I end up detaching myself and say what’s the point. It’s a cycle I go in and out of all the time. It seems the search for my purpose and the search for sacred relationships are facing the same issues. I try and try and try… and nothing. I end up putting myself down for it too which I know I shouldn’t. I know I need to continue to love and nurture myself, and protect my energy and boundaries. Things will happen for me, deep down I know that. I just really need to focus on self love and making my space more sacred so that things can start to shift. Grateful to be doing this work.

  3. dminer11 4 years ago

    My body image has improved. Lost weight. Right hip no longer painful. Right inner upper thigh still painful. Big improvement on right wrist. Big difference in inflammation. The small neuropathy in the balls of my feet and toes 50% better. I’m making significant changes in my business moving forward. Also, I’m literally feeling something percolating within me. Don’t know what yet. It’s like my veil is coming down and my base energy…maybe kundalini. I’m using my breath more to activate it.

    • dminer11 4 years ago

      Should also say my base energy Rising.

      • dminer11 4 years ago

        Just realized one more thing. How ones outer world is a reflection of inner world. TOMORROW I am having the 3 big trees on the east side of my home the one dying tree on the Southeast pruned and thinned out. This will allow More Light in and allow the south east facing tree to grow better. The wind will be able to pass through the branches better. This is a big freaking deal…because it’s really me. Ok…I’m going to go have a cry now.

  4. Jackie Derham 4 years ago

    My body mapping was still the same as the south direction, I haven’t changed anything, probably because I still feel stressed. My eating habits are not great, my meals are ok and reasonably healthy but it’s all the extras I eat, crisps, peanuts, chocolate etc. I have the odd alcoholic drink but not to excess. I don’t do enough exercise or stretching which would make me feel a bit better. My main stressor is money and because we have very little money we never seem to go out anywhere or do anything. No fun at all. Makes me fed up just thinking about it now. We are working to try and change the situation but it’s working in jobs we don’t really want to be doing. I really do need to do something to change all this.

  5. Author
    Dakota Walker 5 years ago

    It feels like you are just on the other side of where you have been and although it will take time, you are separating out the old with the new. Be gentle with yourself, and I know you know this but always follow that voice that carries your truth.

  6. blpark55 5 years ago

    I have never drawn a body map. WOW. stresses are living in a small camper until our new home is built, making decisions, changes every day. I am a carb eater when stressed…comfort food. A few years ago when I walked away from a job I hated and hostile work environment I explored several healing courses… removed my body tension, helped with anxiety issues… this mapping aided me in actually placing red marks on places that hurt…knees and feet. I am a big self love gal but its time for a peri!! Thank you…

    • blpark55 5 years ago

      That would be pedi!!!

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      A pedi sounds perfect! And great awareness in this …. feet and knees often represent our ability to move forward, stand on our own two feet, flexibility, standing tall … not sure if any of those resonate with you or not?

  7. PhyllisEagleDancing 5 years ago

    I first drew chakra colors using water colors. My brush obscured the colors with gray, like smoke. Appropriate since one of my shadow behaviors is smoking. The smoke curls around my entire body and wraps around like a chain. I am ready to break the chains that have imprisoned me and stunted all aspects of growth: spiritual and relationships: relationships because, I am a closet smoker which makes me avoid social situations or hide out in ugly places.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      That is a powerful imagery – curling around your entire body and wrapping around you like a chain. How can we support you in breaking that chain Phyllis?

  8. Christina 5 years ago

    I really enjoy this exercise. I was immediately aware of my lower back and this is an old injury which has given me pain throughout the years off and on. I also strained or something my hip the other day and that pain was noticeable. I became aware of the tightness in my jaw that I had not been aware of before this exercise as well as a pain in the base of my neck on the right side. Most of the pain I have is on my backside. I do body scanning frequently but this is the first time that I created a drawing of it. This was very enlightening and I enjoyed “seeing” it as I am a very visual person.
    Thank you for that!

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I hope you have been able to see the correlations in your emotional body to those areas .. interesting that it is largely your backside – the side of yourself you don’t see, not the side that others see first either … is there anything to that, do you think?

  9. HillaryBanksSelf 5 years ago

    My most pronounced pain is my neck and shoulders, which was mapped on my back. Surprisingly, there was nothing further for me to map on my back. Though I give most of my attention to the pain housed there.

    However, on the front, I discovered my smaller aches and pains are all located on the right side of my body which was surprising to me. I spend so much time minimizing or ignoring these aches and pains. I mapped that I clench my jaw all day and grind my teeth at night. It’s causing me to have teeth sensitivity. But all other pains on the front half of my body stay on the right side. I broke my collarbone on the right side which I believe also contributes to the neck / muscle pains in my neck. My right knee has recently started throbbing / stinging. It mostly happens at night and it also happened in a Reiki session two weeks ago. Also, I had bunionectomies on my big and little toe on the right foot and those also hurt with the changing of the weather / seasons. Very interestingly, I googled the right side of your energetic body and discovered that it is considered the “masculine” side, which resonated deeply with me as something that does need balancing and healing.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I had to take a double take to make sure I hadn’t already read your comment here – you and Christina have very similar pains. Interesting! So if you look up Louise Hay’s work (You can Heal Your Life) she correlates all the various places in your body with possible emotional/spiritual origins. Jaw – not being able to speak your truth, low back – not feeling supported, knee – flexibility, ability to stand in your truth etc. It may be worth taking this body map a step further and map out all those kinds of things then see if there is an event or story that you can attach to it just to give frame of reference. I think it will be enlightening for you!

      • HillaryBanksSelf 4 years ago

        Returning one year later and am amazed at the timing of some of my intuitive actions. Just this past week, I visited a dentist for my bruxism (teeth grinding) and had my nightguard re-fitted. And, despite Venus being Retrograde, I booked a hair appointment for a freshen up on the cut and color. Then, when I sat down and read last year’s notes on this exercise, I saw that I had written, ” Outer habits + beauty are being neglected” – I can say that 2018 is seeing an improvement in these areas – as far as intuitively listening to my inner voice and taking actions in self-care. I am grateful to have learned these skills in the mentorship the past year.

        As far as aches and pains go, I was more descriptive this year and identified more pains on the map than in 2017. I don’t think that’s because things have gone downhill, but rather that I’m more in-tune with myself now and am listening more actively. My hands, specifically have been a new point of interest + the tension in my neck and back has been especially elevated / painful since moving to Laguna Beach and taking on that new job. I feel very stagnant, physically + almost swollen. As if my entire body is feeling arthritic, especially my hands.

        The other day I was rubbing my neck with a tennis ball, to try and relieve some muscle tension and decided to use it on the front of my neck and along my clavicle. As I rubbed the area between the collarbone and my heart, I began to sob. There is white hot pain there. I dropped to my knees and raised my hands above my head, exhaling, “help me, Lord – it hurts so much.” Grief overtook me. I continued to rub my heart and hold my hands over my chest for a few more minutes, rocking on the carpeted bedroom floor and slowly the crying stopped. Writing this story here, for my teacher to read, makes me cry once more. Not sure what it’s all about or what action I’m supposed to take next, but it feels important to honor the experience by sharing it out loud, here.

  10. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Wow, that was a very insightful exercise!
    Thank you Dykota.

  11. Michelle 5 years ago

    Wow. This really opened my eyes and helped me realize how much I have let myself go and completely neglected my health, worrying and caring about others, and always seeming to be putting myself last on the list of things to do, as well as not dealing with problems as they arise. It is now quite obvious that I don’t treat myself well. I am malnourished, even though I am overweight. My skin and cells are not hydrated, and my blood cells lack strength and vitality. I can not be vibrant and joyful if every cell of my body is depleted and neglected, crying out for love, nourishment, and hydration. So grateful that Dakota said not to become discouraged about what we may find out about ourselves because I just burst into tears after I wrote the last sentence, knowing very well that it is a true reflection of what is really going on in my life.

  12. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    This is my second body mapping. It is maybe half of the problem areas left from when I entered the south. And the pain is not as strong as before . The pain that is left is mostly connected to work stress and to overachieve my activities. Maybe scared too be judged and not be good enough in other peoples eyes.

  13. Valerie 5 years ago

    For me this was the first time to aknowledge my pains and explore more abaut where they come from. So I will take more care about myself with food and drinks, and protection from energies around me. And not block all of it away like it isn’t there. Step by step and not to fast just beeing more aware. The first step has been done wednesday I Booked a city trip to Ireland with Some people I love dear. Thank you so much !

  14. Jackie 5 years ago

    This is my first body-mapping…and I wasn’t surprised with the results: when stressed I eat more…junk, sugar, crackers…I have been doing other spiritual awakening courses, and I have found that the aches and pains have lessened considerably and of course there is still some nagging at me. I tend to eat healthily most of the time and now I see how Stress is my trigger. I will do something food for me by heading off to bed early (for a change). I have just booked myself a mini-vacation for Thanksgiving long weekend…

  15. Betty 5 years ago

    This was my first successful body mapping. I was completely overwhelmed and couldn’t finish the one in the South direction. I don’t have as many aches and pains as I did a few months ago and I know that’s because I’ve released a lot of fear and anxiety. I used to be so tense I was always all “bunched up.” I’ve still got a long way to go towards being better to myself, but this exercise helped illuminate some of the things that I’m doing right and that is hugely encouraging.

  16. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    I did go back to my drawing from the South Direction and found it interesting to see how the pains have lessened or disappeared completely. Isolation is still my most comfortable space and I am still taking steps forward on coming out of it. I am starting to get out and make plans more and I am still working on having that “dinner party” that I know I need to have. I will have it before the end of the year. I have things planned for the next few weeks that will get me out of the house more. I have realized that I do feel better when I get out and about. Baby steps, I’ll get there. I have also booked a massage for next week, it is time to be good to myself.

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