1. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 4 years ago

    I am grateful to not have any significant trapped emotion or pain occurring within the body at this point in time. I attribute that to the work that I am doing and have been doing. Reflecting back I know that trapped emotion brings forward Dis EASE and can do this in a very disruptive and significant way. In 2008 when I completed a book detailing one of the biggest traumas that occurred in my life (one that encompassed a vast amount of grief in the loss of my mother) – within 2 months after the completion of this piece of work – I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the left side of my body. I know today that this was all brought on through the emotion of grief in combination with the stressful life I had chosen to be stuck in. The cancer was removed – extracted (cut out from the body) .. and the shift was in full motion. From that point I transitioned through the end of a 30 year marriage that brought significant abuse on both an emotional and physical level into my being and the beginning of this spiritual journey and path that I am now on. There has been much healing work around all of those areas and I know now that my good health and freedom from physical challenges is the gift of this deep soul discovery.

  2. Jackie Derham 4 years ago

    I don’t have too many injuries/pains/allergies but the biggest one I have is my right hand and arm which buzzes as if going to get pins and needles, it sometimes goes numb, when I worked on this I came up with stress and emotional overload. I took it back to when I was 7 and in hospital I remember my parents had visited and were just leaving. I pretended not to care and sat at a table drawing, they said good bye and I just died inside. The hospital had been a horrible experience for me and the last thing I wanted was to stay in there. I remember it vividly to this day. 3 years ago I lost my father and my mother suddenly went very “funny”. She was blaming me for all sorts of things, and so it seemed I had lost my mother as well. Soon after this my arm started to play up, not being able to grip quite so well etc. I put it down to lifting boxes when we moved but it is still with me.
    I found this exercise quite enlightening and mostly put my injuries down to getting older, general injuries etc, so will look forward to working on the emotions behind them.

  3. Serena 4 years ago

    This body map exercise looks easy yet it’s not. I find it challenging to understand and find emotions that was trapped and how they are related : pain with emotion.

    My non dominant hand wrote fear and anger. When i sink deeper into these two emotions, i realised it was fear of lost, and being angry with myself for making stupid decisions, it was self love i need to nurture!

  4. dminer11 4 years ago

    Pretty amazing!!! Why does that surprise me? I drew myself and mapped very carefully. Then I went back to listen to the first lesson. The dam broke… info was coming in at lightning speed. I didn’t have time to switch hands. I could barely keep up writing with my Right dominant hand. It was eye opening… for YEARS I have been stuffing FEAR and ANGER. Mostly from long ago actually through the years. I was abused as a young child and until I was told to leave home at 19. Some recently… No freakin place for it to go than to manifest on the physical as I was filled to the brim. Looks like the pattern is when something scares me or angers me I work on a project… In the summer months its outside winter months inside. I don’t just work… I overwork and end up hurting myself. Self punishment… I’m the bad little girl I deserve to be hurt. 2016… visiting a new primary physician who was a D.O. I had seen him for a couple of times and decided to see him for my right hip problem. I’m on the table and he is at my head… going to adjust my neck first. He started flipping my head left to right. I asked him to stop… he did not and cracked my neck. OMG I was so dizzy. He stopped but he and his nurse were giving me an argument about it. Held my ground… he went down to hip and actually helped that area. I was in his office for 45 min trying to recover from the dizziness and another 1/2 hour sitting in my car. I finally ventured home the back way to avoid traffic. My right eye was seeing funny…right cheek feeling pins and needley… my right big toe going numb. Im doing everything I could remember to check for a stroke. I was good but I phoned the Dr. office when I got home. They thought I was having a stroke called the ambulance. the next three days in the hospital was one of the most stressfull times I have experienced. Suffice to say I held my ground. That dr that adjusted me went on a medical leave shortly afterwards. I requested a new dr. there wasn’t any and I saw the nrse practitioner. Fast forward to last month my yrly physical. Guess whos back. He was in some pretty tough shape himself. Looked like he was blind in one eye. Few Words were exchanged… I left. After this mapping process… I realized I stay in bad situations… reminds me of my childhood. Ok… time to break the pattern. I started looking for a new doctor. I really wanted the doctor I had before this guy but I had to leave him because of insurance reasons. Don’t you know… the Dr. I liked changed to work for this hospital group. I was able to transfer to him… PATTERN BROKEN. I am on the mend…Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  5. Sara Caterpillar Concept 4 years ago

    There is part of me that doesn’t even want to comment on this exercise as these emotions are buried so deeply that I am afraid to truly let them out. But in order to overcome we must speak our truth and honor what lies beneath the surface.

    I married my high school boyfriend when I was 21. We had been dating since I was 16. In the beginning the relationship was great however when we moved in together things slowly began to go downhill and he became verbally/physically abusive. I have been having digestive distress for the last year and the body map is showing that these issues began when I was 19, which is extremely telling as that is when things started to go downhill in my relationship with him.

    What really amazes me is that I thought I had honored those feelings and truly let them go a few years ago, but it looks like I have more work do in order to fully take back my power. Amazing what can remain buried and show up years later in physical ailments.

  6. Cheyanne 4 years ago

    A lot of the pain in my body has to do with my job. My right shoulder because of how I use it, the middle of my back, my lower back, and the bottom of my feet. This is all from standing for long periods of time with poor posture. I’m trying to go deeper though…I know I get an on and off pain in the middle of my chest and I recognize that it is blocked by something.

    There are things in my past that I’ve pushed to the back of my mind because I didn’t want to think about them, but a lot of it has to do with the struggle of loving myself. Being self conscious about my body and not wanting to put too much attention to myself in fear of attracting the wrong type of people for the wrong reasons…I feel like I’m rambling a little bit but I’m trying not to think about what I’m typing, just what comes to mind.

    I’ve felt uncomfortable with my own body and it’s been difficult loving myself and being sensual and passionate because of something that happened to me when I was around 5 years old. It confused me because I’ve always trusted and loved this person. I never resented them because of how much I do love them, but every now and again those events come back to the front of my brain. In my mind and in my heart I’ve forgiven them, and I truly hope that’s enough.

    Flash forward to when I was 15 and in a very confusing time in my life where I loved someone deeply and for a long time. When I was rejected it took a toll on my self esteem, I felt worthless. Young and fragile and unaware. It felt like the end of the world and I tried to harm myself but only once.

    All through high school I never felt “pretty enough” or “funny enough” or good enough because I never had many friends. Other people had groups of friends and I had no one. I always had to ask people if I could hang out with them, no one ever contacted me. In fact, it’s still like that today and I try to not let it bother me as much but it’s still there. It’s still a lingering feeling of being alone. Why don’t they like me? I think I’m pretty great, so why don’t they want to be friends? What’s wrong with me?

    A different time in my life when I was around 17. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for quite some time that made me not love myself and I lost trust in a lot of people. Sex seemed wrong, loving myself seemed wrong. Luckily I was able to leave eventually and make a huge move in my life that really needed to happen. And maybe I need to forgive this person, if only for my own freedom. I guess I haven’t done that yet…

    I’m in a really great relationship now with an amazing person. And over time I’ve gotten better at loving myself and feeling like sex and love and sensuality go hand in hand. It isn’t wrong, I’m not acting wrong, I really am beautiful and all of it is quite beautiful.

    Loving myself hasn’t become completely effortless and I still struggle sometimes, but at least now I can recognize these feelings and do something about it to heal myself.

    I do still struggle with the thought of being alone though. All these people I thought were my friends or who I’ve wanted to be friends with and have actively reached out to them but haven’t received anything back makes me feel sad, alone, and unwanted. I haven’t quite figured out where to go from here on that aspect but I hope to find out along this journey. And maybe if I stop worrying about these people from my past and focus on becoming a better version of myself, living authentically and becoming my own best friend, the energy I put out into the world will come back to me tenfold. People will come in and out of my life, each a lesson or a part of my soul growth. And somewhere along the way I hope to find my tribe. To find where I belong. And maybe I need to forgive all of these people, all the relationships of my past that have been holding onto me without me really realizing it…

    I think I just answered my own question…

    I had no intention of typing up a novel here, the words just kept flowing. I had no idea I would dive that deep but…wow…I’ve got some healing to do. But I think I now know how to do it. Or at least how to take a step toward healing.

  7. Lee-Ann 4 years ago

    Absolutely amazing to see where I am this year. I have had seasonal allergies since elementary school and had them last year when I started this journey. As of this writing, I can not remember the last time I had to take an allergy pill. I may sneeze once or twice, but I no longer have the same allergic reaction to pollen and fresh cut grass as I have all my life. Wow!! Thank you Dakota & tribe. Much Love!

  8. Hanna Isaksson 4 years ago

    What a change from last year, I actually had to sit and focus to really feel where there was still any pain. Pretty much everything is gone, including the candida.

  9. Valerie 4 years ago

    This one is defficult for me, I know my pains and I can map them very Well on my body map, but when asking what emotion is trapped here I get fear a lot as primary emotions. But the question about what age has this feeling become trapped, I do not know. While wrighting down now I have this intuitive voice telling me ” at a realy young age” before you were here. I do not understand it, have to go deeper on this later, for now I aM going to the next one, because I know what I need to do to nurture myself and heal

  10. Harper Hornaday 5 years ago

    This was hard for me. A lot of the things in my body that I need to work on have come up gradually. I can place a time period, but not a specific time. I can’t just single out one or two primary emotions, either. I think I will mark this as complete and then come back to it over the course of this South direction.

  11. Grace 5 years ago

    I loved the Body Map exercise. I can visually see myself color coded with emotions like patch work. I can see the larger picture and can better address changes one at a time. I am more in tune as I move about my day. Because I’m spatial, it’s much easier to remember and make shifts toward continued healing and forward movement in life. Also, being able to see that most of my emotions fall into two overarching emotion areas, that gives me a great way to trace it back to the Medicine Wheel and dig into that particular direction. 🙂

  12. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    This was the most demanding task for me so far. I identified 14 spots in the body that I have had problems with over the years or where pain comes and goes. I do not have chronic pain or a lot of pain. So it was about really researching myself to find my problem areas.

    I was surprised that so many of my strong feelings that were linked to these places had arisen so early in my age. Several between years 1-6. I’ve been wearing these for too long. I can also understand why it has been difficult to understand where these feelings come from.

    I fell asleep the first evening when I was halfway through. I fell asleep with paper and pencil while I wrote down my feelings. It was so hard so the body shut down. Today, I’ve also been very tired the whole exercise through. This exercise I will surely return to. Not least, I will go through the feelings and the advice I got on my way.

  13. Machell 5 years ago

    This was not an easy assignment, forgot about a lot of the info that came up, but everything that did was spot on.
    Doing the writing with non dominate hand genius!
    I was listening to the 7 pools meditation while I did this, profound!
    I worked my way up thru each chakra and physical ailments for that area as you went along and uncover tons of information along the way:

    1.Root, (Primary Fear)
    1. At what age did this emotion become trapped?, 3
    2. What has this emotion taught me?, go easy
    3. What did I need to hear or say when I was that age?, i love you from dad
    4. If I didn’t have this emotion trapped, what would I desire?, beautiful relationship with dad
    5. Is there anything this emotion wants or needs to tell me?, forgive myself it is not my fault he left

    2.Splenic, (Primary Guilt)
    1. At what age did this emotion become trapped?, 5
    2. What has this emotion taught me?, i’m on my own
    3. What did I need to hear or say when I was that age?mom, do you hear me?
    4. If I didn’t have this emotion trapped, what would I desire?, to lose the resenment
    5. Is there anything this emotion wants or needs to tell me?, soften

    3 & 4 Solar Plexus & Heart (Primary Shame & Loss)
    ( Dolphin had me crying), feeling very heaving in my chest and under my ribcage
    1. At what age did this emotion become trapped?, 7
    2. What has this emotion taught me?, trust no one
    3. What did I need to hear or say when I was that age?, you are safe, you are safe, you are safe
    4. If I didn’t have this emotion trapped, what would I desire?, to be more of a wild child, carefree
    5. Is there anything this emotion wants or needs to tell me?, grieve?

    5.Throat (Primary Frustration)
    1. At what age did this emotion become trapped?, in utero
    2. What has this emotion taught me?, im alone
    3. What did I need to hear or say when I was that age?, you are safe , you are safe, you are safe….
    4. If I didn’t have this emotion trapped, what would I desire?, free
    5. Is there anything this emotion wants or needs to tell me?, be good to myself.

    6. Third Eye (Primary Instinctual)
    1. At what age did this emotion become trapped? 8
    2. What has this emotion taught me?, listen to and follow my instincts
    3. What did I need to hear or say when I was that age?, sex is not love
    4. If I didn’t have this emotion trapped, what would I desire?, healthy sex life
    5. Is there anything this emotion wants or needs to tell me?, take care of myself

    7. Crown (Primary Confusion)
    1. At what age did this emotion become trapped?, before utero,
    2. What has this emotion taught me?, ? everthing
    3. What did I need to hear or say when I was that age?, ? everthing
    4. If I didn’t have this emotion trapped, what would I desire?, know with confidence
    5. Is there anything this emotion wants or needs to tell me?, grow, grow, grow, grow…..

  14. lisa 5 years ago

    This was really interesting..and makes me rethink some of the cause vs effect. It definitely made me think about what other factors are playing into some of physical conditions—it was really strange to think about how I felt emotionally about these areas. It was much easier for me to find a secondary emotion vs a primary. I tried to back up into primary but those still feel strange to label.

  15. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    This was a surprisingly difficult to get started…(I am at my in laws so that might play into it some) But once I finally found a way to put it on paper it was easier and clearer than I expected. Using my left had was fun and I am surprised at the strength of the voice there. I had heard about this exercise before but never actually did it. Silly me… And I was a mess afterward had a hard time sleeping. Feeling better as I wind down tonight.

  16. Marisse Reyes 5 years ago

    I added in some colors for the areas I felt pain or blocked in my energetic and physical body. The pains that I experience in my physical body, however, were mostly in my feet and right shoulder. Through this exercise I was able to see more clearly the correlations between the physical and energetic blocks.

    My flat feet have been causing me a lot of pain and it limits the amount of walking I’m able to do. I am only now getting proper insoles, but the message here was that I was feeling hesitant to be here on earth; that I feel the immense weight of being here; that I sometimes lack support and I don’t always know how to ask for it; and sometimes, instead of moving forward, I’d rather just put my feet up! So that’s causing a bit of blockages and delays in my life.

    Another physical area was my right shoulder. This is a combination of physical and energetic. I know that my right hand the source of my energetic healing and it’s blocked because of my delay or hesitancy to use it. The source of the pain in my shoulder is somewhat behind my heart too. Another message here was feeling the weight of the world and being here.

    Interesting things to sit with and it’s awakening the need to resolve these things even further.

  17. David Hawtin 5 years ago

    The emotion that came through for me was fear of failure: Not being good enough. Not being able to cope, not being able to provide for my family, not being a good enough Dad.
    What the emotion was telling me is that you are already good enough, it will work out alright, your best is good enough, it is the effort that counts, keep trying it will be worth it.

  18. Trisha 5 years ago

    Well I’ve always known that patience was not my strong point, but the amount of times I wanted to switch back to my dominant had was incredible! However I pushed through and actually had some major epiphanies. When I finished I was compelled to write in large letters “YOU ARE WORTH IT”. Something I’ve always struggled with.

  19. Lo 5 years ago

    It was very helpful to draw out where on my body was restricted and then to go deeper into the emotion. Was surprised at how easy the answers came when using my other hand. Messages that I needed were just like Francoise said previously. Ahhhh, how similar we are 🙂

  20. Francoise Vaal 5 years ago

    The first thing I learned, is being patient with myself while writing with my left hand 😀
    The second thing I learned is that most of my pains originated the past few years and that coincided with me being totally drained by my job as a marriage counselor. The emotion I found there is ‘shame’. So I guess my body is still recovering from me ‘giving too much’ And being too hard on myself. I fear not being good enough, I fear ‘not fitting in’, ‘being too much’ and ‘not pulling my weight’.
    The messages I received were:
    – be patient with yourself
    – be kind to yourself
    – be gentle with yourself
    – take little steps
    – let go of the thought ‘what other people might think’

    This all seems so easy….and it’s not…..

  21. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    Going through the body map was amazing and emotional. It made me acknowledge things that have been deeply hidden for a long time. I definitely have a lot to work and I’m ready for this journey to add more balance and positivity into my life.

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