1. Diana 4 years ago

    I believe many of my dreams were unfulfilled it because of the lifestyle that I led for decades. I am however excited about some of the dreams I have in place now as I feel they are more in line with My Soul growth and desire

  2. Dixie Walker 4 years ago

    I didn’t know some of the dreams I had, I had forgotten them, or really never thought much about them as I grew up.The most prominent dream was to return to my childhood home of Ventura California, but somehow this was never to be. My husband didn’t want to leave his family, his family didn’t want him to leave, I guess I didn’t want to leave him. Five years ago he passed and I could have returned to my beloved California, but wait, I am alone now. Then I realize, no, I’m not alone. I have a loving God, and a loving family right here. I’m staying put, my choice.

  3. lisa 4 years ago

    For me it was pushing off my dreams to get to a place of independence, financial stability. I didn’t have it growing up and saw the path to get it and get my freedom. Freedom and independence was my plan, I wouldn’t call it a dream as it was the operational imperative– the campaign of learning and career over time. Dreams were in design, architecture, painting. I wanted to be a professional soccer player– picked my first college with that in mind….☺️ That memory just came back to me… Very cool. There is uncertainty/ fear (right Dakota?) of stepping away from the campaign and believing in the abundance of the universe for me. This is something I am actively working on– bring on the mantras.

  4. Sonia 4 years ago

    In my teenage years I wanted to be a singer but I was too much shy to speak out about it. To sing along with the music on the radio helped me to survive during my teenage years, and to keep myself away from the energies I could feel around me and didn’t want to do anything with them. I was kinda fearful of feeling energies back then, and while I would focus on singing I would not be paying attention on those energies not leaving me alone. I always loved to sing, but it was only when I opened myself to accept spirituality in my live that I started to receive music sounds and to write lyrics. I was between my 32 or 34 years old when I found courage to contact a music teacher to teach me to write my own music, but the reaction of the teacher to me was ” you are already too old to learn music!” :-0 It seems I believed in him, and just put my poor recordings of the sounds I had received and the papers with the lyrics on a paste kept away from my sight. During the years I have received more sounds by inspiration but as I don’t know to write music, I would record them to be kept it in a paste. In this last years I’ve been aware how I stopped to sing. But if I think about it, something tells me music is part of me and in someway will always be. It happens that 3 years ago I met someone online that I am now sure to be my twin flame, and he is a musician!!! 🙂

  5. Marija 4 years ago

    This was a beautiful experience. I got to know so much about me and it made me realise just how much i don’t know about myself. I am intrigued to rediscover who I was and who I am now.

  6. Phyllis 4 years ago

    Many dreams I have realized. The ones I still have are:

    Writing a successful book and publishing it.

    Recording all the songs I have written.

    Becoming an ordained minister to speak, perform weddings, teach, counsel.

    Create a living community of creative people who support each other’s passions.

    The one thing that I noticed about myself, is that the partners that I been have attracted to, including marriages, have had the very talent that I sought. Artists, singer/songwriters, teachers, ministers. All of them highly successful! I have learned from all of them. Now it’s MY turn!

  7. Sherrie Wirth 4 years ago

    This is my second pass through this direction and I had very little available to me last time. I honestly could not remember my dreams and aspirations as a kid. It is interesting to me how much more I “remembere” this time around. I think it has a lot to do with digging out of the muck and discovering a glimmer in all that mess…

  8. Hanna Isaksson 4 years ago

    I had dreams of working with something creative. But I was never “good enough” in any field. Instead I started to work as a producer and project manager in the cultural field, always with the goal of helping other creative people to fulfill their dreams. That’s when I became really good at something. But if it’s my dream, I am not sure. I am just really good at it.

  9. Valerie 4 years ago

    the dream of adventures ,traveling and exploring the world are stil very much alive in my heart

  10. Lee-Ann 4 years ago

    I need to find me some new dreams. So many of my dreams have been squashed by others that I actually stopped dreaming. Thank you for the re-awakening.

  11. normajean 4 years ago

    It’s funny about smashed dreams…sometimes you can’t really put a finger on when exactly they were smashed…sometimes you know who did the smashing…sometimes you don’t. For me, when I was young, I learned that you didn’t question my mother…she wasn’t mean or abusive, she was just very strong. At 17 I told her I wanted to be a marine biologist and work with dolphins. She told me I couldn’t because “you can’t swim”. I told her I could learn. She said no, that I would be a nurse. She was a RN, her sister was a RN, and their mom was an aid. (family tradition). She even got me into school and told me where and when I was going. I was too “young” to say no. At the end of my nursing student career the medical director of the hospital was also the medial director of the NICU. He told me that I would be working in the NICU. I wanted to work in the ER and become this new thing called a “flight nurse”. I told him that there were no openings and that I would be in the ER. He told me there would be an opening and I would be in it. I ended up working in the NICU for 38 years and actually loving it. I became a flight nurse and took care of 1000’s of babies. But now, I have a 4 hour class to teach next Tuesday and then I am officially retired from nursing. (not sure where that “dream” fits into). But 2 years ago I began my own dream that I have chosen for myself and work very diligently on to achieve success, and that is why I am able to retire from nursing. So I finally have a dream of my own…start to current…cause I plan on it never ending, until I have ended. Do I have other dreams that were squashed…oh yeah.

  12. Karen MacFee 4 years ago

    Greetings beloved Soul Peeps!
    Wow! What a light-filled exercise…bottom line? I have given up most every dream I have ever dared to dream based on another person’s negative feed back! (Sound familiar 😉 )
    No more will I be defined by the “good opinion of others”… no more will I be “attached to the outcome of my actions”…and no more will I feel the need to have “power and control of the thoughts and experiences of others…a.k.a. how others experience ME”… (paraphrased from Maslow 😉 )
    Thank you Dakota for being our Midwife in this rebirth experience 🙂

  13. clyoung 4 years ago

    I am in the middle of a dream right now and working through not giving up on it.

  14. Patricia 5 years ago

    I found I abondoned almost every dream I had. They were all something to do with being creative and were all abandoned quite early in my life. Putting others first and caring for others seem to have replaced those dreams… as well as forgetting I even had any.

  15. Kate Towell 5 years ago

    It’s funny when we did this in our break out group I had trouble thinking of a dream I had lost or abandoned now I am remembering several. The biggest one was when I was a kid I always wanted to be a vet. I loved animals, always spent time outside talking to the birds and trying to tame squirrels. All of my make believe friends were animals and my bed was full of stuffed animals. I knew I would be a vet. Also as a child I had terrible allergies, especially to animal fur and dander. I would break out in hives and my eyes would swell shut whenever would pet dogs but mostly cats. So this was happening all the time cause I was always playing with friends pets. My mom never let me have a pet. I remember so clearly now when my dream was crushed by a dr my mom took me to to test all my allergies. She said I could never be a vet because I was allergic to all animal hair and my mom wholeheartedly agreed with her and that was that. I was 10. Although I did end up working as a research biologist and for many years I worked with wild seals and seal lions

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      I think they all come flying back once we give them permission to return (the dreams, that is). It will be fun to see how they come back to life in some form!

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