1. Terri Lundquist 4 years ago

    My Manifesto

    I am deeply in love with my husband, Scott. We share a life filled with emotional and physical intimacy, welcoming lots of touch and hugs. He supports all of me and all that I want to do and I support him as well. I have a healthy, fit, strong body, weighing in at 125-130 pounds consistently. I am beautiful inside and out! I see my children often. We share many moments of love and laughter. I am understanding each of them and seeing them for who they uniquely are, encouraging their growth to their sacred purpose.

    My home is beautiful, clean, neat and organized. It is filled with warmth and welcomes all who come. I have abundant financial resources and time to travel to interesting places that enrich my life and soul. I love working in the structure I have on my property for circles, healings, and classes. I have many friendships with people who advance my soul purpose, people who support me and bring laughter and wisdom.

    I enjoy my work and it brings me great fulfillment and abundance. I am a respected healer and teacher, working with clients 3 days a week, allowing me time to walk, sit, or just be in nature at least 2 days a week. I am easily facilitating successful, transformative workshops and classes that are attended by at least 25-50 people on a regular basis. I have written and co-authored two highly successful books. I effortlessly and happily bring my unique gifts to the world and they are being well received by everyone–I am standing on a big stage, warmly welcoming new faces.

    In my personal spiritual practice, I am actively doing Seidr work and it fills me with excitement and purpose. My intuitive channels are open and guiding me more than ever. The runes are alive and active in my life. Their meanings and vital essence are directly revealed to me and they have become part of the ordinary sacredness of my life. I live a life of equilibrium where my external world matches my internal world. I am successful and happy beyond my wildest dreams!

  2. HillaryBanksSelf 4 years ago

    My Manifesto

    I am happy, healthy, inspired and fulfilled. I belong to a community of people who are peaceful, loving visionaries. Children, adults, seniors, peers and animals are all a part of my community. I have a diverse set of friends. We create and share all sorts of amazing accomplishments that make the world a better place.

    I am comfortable in my own skin and feel beautifully feminine. I take care of myself and get plenty of rest, physical activity and nourishing food. I look good and I feel good. I am loved and loving.

    I tap into my innate, special qualities and talents to share my unique, healing, inspiring, joyful + powerful stories, arts, crafts and transformative experiences with others. My creations are a reflection of my own divinity and connection to the whole. As I share them, they are well received and are so financially viable, I needn’t worry about money or about providing for myself, my family and my loved ones.

    I enjoy my work and it brings me great fulfillment and abundance. I get to utilize my creativity and joy in my day-to-day work and home life. I live in a comfortable and safe home, which I have beautifully decorated and it serves very functionally and efficiently, too. I live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life full of joy, communication, inspiration and my creative pursuits which provide for my and my family’s needs + wishes. We also provide for others because our blessings + provisions are abundant.

    I am deeply loved and share in a lasting, beautiful, fun, passionate and fulfilling love relationship with a man I deeply respect, love + desire. His mine, heart, spirit + body are all attractive to me and that attraction and appreciation deepen with time (as does his for me). I enjoy deep intimacy with my partner. We live, love, travel + build together. We share visions + values and accomplish great things together. We are a beneficial presence and a positive part of our community and the world. Our family is blessed and a blessing. We are happy, whole + healthy. All of our needs are met and we share from the overflow.

    Love, joy + beauty abound. I am at peace. I belong. And so it is. Amen.

  3. Valerie 4 years ago

    I am so grateful for this course, the Dreams …….. I can almost see myself getting there. When I started making my vision board after The Alchemist I was enjoying myself so much, I have the same feeling now.

  4. Ron 5 years ago

    I’ve been retired 15 years, been there, done that, wore out a drawer full of the tee shirts! I worked in the airline business 34 years, been married, had two wonderful kids, proud of them! Now, I have grand kids to play with and spoil. I have no visions of grandeur. I like where I am, but a lot of family and friends are gone.
    I did not have the time or means to study Shamanism, Doing it now. Life is good!

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