1. Machell 6 years ago

    Did the shadow meditation, excuse me but WTF!! I found a favorite spot at blue marsh lake where I could walk into the water, I started walking in and the deeper I got the more mucky and muddy it got. It took all my effort to wade thru the mud , I called for my cougar guide and there she was also wading thru the mud slowly, she was covered in mud by the time she got to me. We were both muddy all we could see was the whites of each other’s eyes. Then you had her take me to the next level down and just like that I lost my stomach from the vacuum of and air bubble in the mud we were sucked into it. Came out the other side it was a complete mirror image of where I started wading into the water, But there was no beauty, in fact the exact opposite, everything we were walking thru the mud and water smelled like rotten eggs, sewer, skunk plants, everything was dead and dark we came out of the water and cougar took me to the fire where behind it was a dark dripping wet shallow recess in a boulder wall and there it was , This “VILE” creature, It looked like a mix of a gremlin and the gollum character. It was pissed that I was there and feisty with me, I could not get close at all to it , it spit, hissed, and was scratching toward me as if to chase me away. At first it freaked me out then I backed away from it just a little that it could not reach me , cougar was also only letting me get so close. The creature and I never took our eyes off each other. After backing away a bit I sat down on the cold wet ground just observing it. While observing this overwhelming feeling of compassion for this creature welled up in me, I started crying uncontrollably, so hard that i could not catch my breath. You brought us back and when i came completely out my cat Nala was laying on my heart!

  2. Grace 6 years ago

    I enjoyed this meditation but I think I need to do it several more times. I was met by my power animal and we kind of wandered around, nothing spectacular. When down in the second level to the lower world, it was kind of dark. I only saw a few trees. When trying to connect with my shadow I just kept seeing lots of different people in my life. One person stood out so I asked what it was trying to teach me and what I needed to learn. My lesson was around not trying to control everything and allowing things to happen more naturally. This was the first time I went down two levels so I was a bit nervous travelling back, but made it back easier than expected. I think I will need to do this several times.

  3. Jennifer 6 years ago

    So, I finally got around to doing this properly, and when I got to the first level of the lower world, there was a cheetah waiting there for me. I asked it if it was my power animal, and it said no, but asked me to run with it. So we ran – and it was so beautiful! We ran so fast to the beat of the drum, and I met all these other animals and none of them were my power animal. When we stopped again, I asked the cheetah if it was my power animal, and it said yes so I just went with it. And we ran and ran and ran…I haven’t run like that for ages, because I’m afraid to feel the beating of my own heart. We ran down the tunnel to the second level, and the shadow spirit that came to me was just that – a ghost. A tall, dark grey ghost, there but not there. The ghost told me that it was my fear that was killing me, and that I needed to let go of that fear. It also told me that I need to forgive more – I need to forgive my mother and my father and other people close to me. The cheetah told me that the forgiveness is for me, not for the other people, and that the longer I hold on to the resentment and the fear of forgiving the others, the worse it will be for me. When my power animal and I said goodbye, it jumped up and put its paws on my shoulders and licked my face and nuzzled me! Nuzzled by a cheetah! It was a wonderful feeling.

    Oh, and those tones used to balance the chakras at the beginning of the meditation? So intense and powerful! I felt energy seeping through my whole body! Do you have a meditation available that’s just to balance the chakras? I want more of that!

  4. Deborah 6 years ago

    I was able to go to the first level and was led by a leopard. We just seemed to wander around but didn’t go any further. I felt very relaxed after the meditation but could not connect on a deeper level.
    I think I have a fear of my shadow self. I have very few memories of being a child. I’ll continue to do the meditation and maybe there will be an opening.

  5. Gillian 6 years ago

    This was an interesting meditation, and I experienced travelling to the lower world where I met, I guess but I didn’t ask, a power animal. I have met a few others, lion, kangaroo, snake, this one was bear. A HUGE fluffy soft and supportive bear, felt so wise and still. I felt immediately safe and comfortable with him. We journeyed to the next level to the ring. Inside the ring was an ephemeral black mist, twisting, twirling, dancing like smoke in a light breeze. i entered the ring with Bear, and leaned against him for the entire time. This mist swirled around us, and I didn’t try to follow it, or keep up, I just let it do its thing. I remember feeling sad, at times overwhelmed. I remember feeling scared,but Bear was reassuring, and told me I was safe.
    However, I don’t remember too much else. The experience of getting to the ring, the presence of bear, hmm, even the words over and over – “It’s ok”. I guess, soft and soothing. Adn then going back up, to lower world, then up to normal world.

  6. Robert 6 years ago

    Incredible morning, Oct 9’16. Snow has arrived in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada!

    I completed the Shawdow Self meditation twice. First time-Sat evening, my spirit animal, my puma showed up but nothing else then I tried the next morning, My Puma showed up, he’s always around, seen lots of other animals. Then I either went into a deep meditation or fell asleep, near the end of the meditation, I was startled, became aware that my vision as I was aiming a musket at a woman who was laying on her back and screeming as I fired the rifle. Unnerving.

    My spirit guide, Rosie, along with my TF, her son and I (Family Circle), regressed to a past life Early Modern Period of Europe, where I witnessed the burning of my wife/TF. In this life time, I have struggled with the word power, which I think resonates from the Early Modern Period life. As of late I have surrendered and now embrace the word. I’ve been forgiven by my TF. But looks like I need to delve into the shooting.

    After my meditation, my pooch & I went Mtn biking and came across a number of crows, a falcon and an owl. Hmm, manifesting something I’ve been working on, an opportunity before me and time for a prophecy. Plus my Faery cards are pointing to change, meditation, surrender and the best is my Shaman card which it was shown to me yesterday.

    This weekend in Canada we are celebrating Thanks Giving!

    Blessing to you all and all my love!

  7. Amber 6 years ago

    I love that ending song so much. It opens my heart every time I hear it. The music you put together throughout the meditation is always so perfect for what I seem to need in each moment.
    I had a power animal come back to me that I had before- a toucan. I call her Betty. 🙂 The first part of the lower world was very vibrant, lush, tropical, playful, and colorful. It felt like a rain forest. We were on a beach that seemed lively with music and a firepit with a glowing fire. There were people there celebrating but I couldn’t see them. It seemed to be a tribe. We went through a crab hole into the lower part of the underworld where it was dark except for opalescent shades in various spaces (which was what I imagined my bubble during chakra tuning to like). I could feel that I was walking on sand but couldn’t see it. Although it was dark, I felt safe. I was led to a circle of a fire pit with another glowing fire where I met my shadow with Betty at my side. I was guided to take baby steps in opening from a reserved sense of being from past conditions to more of a playful and bold sense of being. I was shown to dance and chant when the impulse arose without hesitation. I went back up the crab hole to the next level and thanked Betty, and then back up through a hole in a tree. When I heard the last song, I had the impulse to open my throat chakra, so I just let some noise come out that I can’t explain. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  8. Barbara 6 years ago

    Well, I was so tired today but decided to do the meditation anyway, and sure enough I fell a sleep. Maybe I needed to meet my shadows sleeping today and working with them subconsciously. I will off course do the meditation again.

  9. Jodi 6 years ago

    Wow Autumn, I have spent so much of my energy worrying about dying. I still do, What a blessing to get message like the ones y’all are getting. I am trying to stay positive that I may one day get a message like that so I can stop all the worry. Or better yet, find out WHY I worry about it constantly.

  10. Autumn 6 years ago

    I completed the meditation and it was very intense. I went down to the first level where I met my spirit animal. I kept expecting to see a white horse but out of the corner of my eye, I saw a mountain lion and then a huge falcon came to sit on my shoulder. At times I would look at it and it would appear to look like a Phoenix and other times it was a falcon. It flew me down to the next level and when I arrived there it was really grotesque. I thought it was going to be beautiful but not in this place. This place was covered in decomposing bodies and I had to walk through them to get to my shadow self. The falcon was with me and at times, it perched on my back so that its wings and my arms were one in the same. I met my shadow self, it started out looking like a black energy entity. When it revealed itself to me, it was death. It showed itself as a decomposing skeleton. It told me that I feared it and that I let my fear of it control my life. That is why I am controlling at times, always trying to be prepared for death. It said that death would come for us all and that I need not fear the loss of others and even my own death. I needed to let go and be at peace with what is. I thanked it, then exited and flew up to the next level, thanked the falcon/ phoenix and came back up the hole to the place I had entered.

  11. Marisse Gabrielle 6 years ago

    Wow Dakota! These mediations are great. All the different sounds and music – amazing! You’re like the Steven Spielberg of mediations! Haha.

    So, this was interesting for me. I met with my white horse and he sat guarding my back as I met with my shadow entity – some kind of small Golum-esque dark, moist figure. She was berating me and poking and prodding me and pulling my hair. She then tried to set fire to me, but I wouldn’t burn. I felt peaceful and felt compassion towards this entity, and they then transformed to warm, pink skin. The entity became me! We sat face to face for a while and I sent love to her. My power animal then reminded me of my strength, power, and divinity.

    Lovely! 🙂 <3

    • Jodi 6 years ago

      WOW, I wish I could get results like that when I meditate!! I still can’t seem to connect with any of my guides. I will not give up though.

  12. Dakota Walker 6 years ago

    This is funny @demangelmsn-com … I think the same thing happens to Amber – she’s doing yoga downstairs with the doors locked so the dogs don’t lay on top of her! Perhaps they want to go with you on the journey, or they are protecting you!?

  13. Debra 6 years ago

    Everytime a get away to do your meditation my dogs all seem to find me and end up laying around me during the meditation. I feel like they are needing it just as must as I do or either that is my power animal. Four dogs chilling has to be a sign..

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