1. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 4 years ago

    Loving this entire journey… getting real with my own truths.. accepting… sitting with them and learning from all in this container which I am truly enjoying. … still nervous about the south LOL

  2. Valerie 4 years ago

    Thank you, I Will have to go deep inside myself. But I feel that I am ready to so so. With the acceptance of every part of me and examine deeper of every layer

  3. Ron 5 years ago

    I really don’t have the time or the equipment to properly do the 30 Day Challenge I tried keeping up with the videos and the comments, but with what I have going on right now, it was too much. I am really sorry about that, I just know there are lessons to be gained from that exercise. My loss.
    To make changes in my life, I have always had to know what is going on with me, and to track the causes and the effects.

  4. gillian bennett 5 years ago

    Yes, needing a shakeup. It’s strange how it often takes a big shake up, like a health scare, or relationship breakdown to force us to really examine what is going on for us. I haven’t had a health scare, but relationship issues abound. Releasing those that no longer serve has been painful, and yet deepening those that enrich has been blessing. I have this relationship with myself that needs a good shake up. Being truthful is something I need to address.

  5. April Doyle 5 years ago

    I find this interesting. I hold everyone at arm’s length or further away from me so as to allow myself to be who I am. I give away my power by having people too close & wanting to conform & be liked/loved by others. Earlier this year, I called on Kali to change things up & was promptly warned by one of my spiritual guides to be extremely careful what you wish for. I still desire that snow globe/Kali shake-up, because something is still stuck & the old is still hanging on strong.

  6. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    This might have been a short lesson but I learnt a lot from it. I very rarely speak my truth because I am scared of how people will take it. I don’t always like to speak of my fears because some of them sound stupid and real at the same time. I try so hard to forget things in the past but they keep trying to come back and I get scared. I am beginning to enjoy the 30 day challenge.

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