1. Valerie 4 years ago

    I moved here since last March , I love the place where I live now. My former house needed a lot of cleansing , here I feel more at peace. The energy is very calm and sereen. It did’nt take me long to feel home here, it was like I came home. Also the people who live here are very friendly, made contact very easely, made new friends and deep connections. I knew this place before, when I walked my dogs when my daughter whent to here psychologist, the house spoke to me and also the land around. And by surprise I suddenly lived here, because the house suddenly became available for renting. It is the house of my best friends , who is also my soulfamily, and she made it possible. I am so gratefull for living here, the former house thought me a lot about spirits of the land to get to know them and listen what I needed to learn ,this house and its spirits teach me to become more in contact with them on another base to keep and create with them a sacred place.

  2. Christina 5 years ago

    This was really cool. There is a local park and some hiking trails through there. My daughter and I went exploring one day and there was a trail off the main one. As we got deeper in there was a doorway made with the branches and as we stepped through the air immediately changed. The sound from the outside park got quiet and the air was thicker and colder. I felt on alert and the hairs stood up on my arms and neck but was not scared. I felt like we were being watched and as we walked more there was another doorway with branches we walked through and everything returned to normal. I have never experienced anything like that. I took one of my friends there and she said it felt like a portal of sorts. It was really cool. We also went to a Cherokee reservation some years back in North Carolina by where we are moving and I was very sad. I felt so oppressed and sad and depressed. By the time we left as we were leaving my daughters and I were all in tears as we all felt it without even having to talk about it. I cannot wait to see the difference between the land ancestors here and North Carolina.

  3. Jackie 5 years ago

    I love yard work and gardening…so the yard was far from unkempt…BUT after listening to the lesson, there was a huge wind…and it was garbage and recycle pick up day…my garbage bag was light and kept going to and fro in the yard…I kept running after it…and the recycle bin was toppled over! Never happened before! Anyways, the problem is in my husband’s shop. The floor is heaving, right near the door, and it feels to me like someone was buried there, it feels like a medicine woman. When I asked her if she would move to under the trees, she hemmed and hawed. I planted some tulip bulbs for her in these areas, and I swept out the shop. I asked her to forgive us for building there. Everything feels calm right now…hope it will end the heaving problems!

  4. HillaryBanksSelf 5 years ago

    I found the worksheet on the next module! Haha!

  5. HillaryBanksSelf 5 years ago

    Wonderful Kayaking trip and thrilling to learn about connecting with our land ancestors. I’m not seeing the link to download the worksheet – so if someone sees this and can point me in the right direction, I’d be very grateful!

    P.S. Dakota, I, too, was connecting to the energy in your video – and I felt that the water, itself, was representative of repressed / stagnant emotions of those who’ve passed through the area. I’m certain if they were slaves, they couldn’t express their true feelings with being forced to work / wade in that water harvesting rice. When you turned the camera around, I burst out into tears and memories of my time on the bayous of Louisiana came flooding back to me. It was a powerful, unexpected experience!

  6. Valerie 5 years ago

    Such a beautiful place where you Kajak Dakota. Six years ago when i came to live in the house , me my kids and a roomste,we had so much activity but from day one i started saying, ” hello everyone I am home”, when I entered the house. I felt a lot of negative and positive energy in the house, things disapeared, moved, light that whent on and out, footsteps on the stairs….. I coold go on for a long time with the activity. Sometimes I was verry affraid in the back of my living room, formaly the cow stables. This whent on for 3 years, I couldn’t Enjoy . At one time my roommate had to leave because of many problems we had, not been able to live together in peace. And things became more calm, started listening to the house and its spirits, started working more on the land to give it back in respect for how it was, making the house back in shape respect for each room. The fear left me step by step. Now i am not affraid of the dark anymore, i respect this place and space with all of my heart and my dream was to stay the keeper, restorer , protector of this land. I know that this is impossible and this has been and stil is a big lesson for me. But I know whereever I will go I will do my task as a sacred land keeper with all of my heart . This house is from around 1901 and it has been a farm , save haven for the people of this area during the world war , a shop and so many things. All its entities and energies for over a hundred years, so
    much history. I am gratefull that I can experience all of it and that has let me grow on my path ❤️

  7. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    This will be interesting, I get a lot of mixed feeling around my yard, I find lots of trash. It will be interesting to go deeper into exploration outside the house. Our neighborhood used to be an apple orchard, the front of our yard has the old rock boundary, and the back is woods. I love the trees, but the edge of the grass is a place of tension. I have been working inside to try and honor the house and at the same time remove negative energy in it. The people before us built it as their dream house but that didn’t quite work out for them, a lot of pain and struggle and a sense of giving up here. So we work to change that little by little.

  8. Marisse Reyes 5 years ago

    Thanks for taking us out on the water with you. It looks like such a beautiful place!

    I had a sense of anxiety halfway through the video and my eye kept being drawn to the threshold between the land and the water like there was energy trapped there. My throat was also constricting as if there were screams of men muffled there. Like someone was in deep pain but couldn’t make any sound to reveal their location. I was getting a visual of slaves using the river to hide and transport themselves to escape.

    I’ve found it hard to connect to the land ancestors here in Amsterdam. But I’ll try again and see what shows up for me.

  9. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Dakota, so glad you didn’t capsize! Your so brave! I couldn’t of done that for a million pounds!
    Okidoky, I live in Liverpool, so very aware of how we made our fortunes…through the slave trade! Not proud of that history but in this modern times, it’s brought rich cultural diversity which I feel very blest to be part of. Being a port we were gateway to world trade. My grandparents, some of their families travelled here, from Scotland and Cornwall, in the hope to get to America and Canada. Some of them actually made the voyage.
    The big old houses, in this road were I live ( ours small one..chuckle ) have dates on them, like 1806 built. We’re told, some belonged to land owners ( was just farm land ) and some to those rich shipping merchants… Our house and three others built in one of their herb/orchards etc…
    We also had two wars, only other year, another unexploded bomb found on allotment, behind our houses…
    So this road and city thick with memories of the land ancestors, quite a lot of it, to say the least…very negative indeed.
    Certain roads in city I feel I’ve slipped through time, weird experiences… Some pleasant others not. The atmosphere changes, noise first, then sensing different era, feeling like I’m in it, a character, only glimpses by sight.

    With regard this house, I’ve been saying stuff last few days, my partners says…oh…my brother used to say that, or my dad… I’ve definitely tuned into both his parents and brother now, things feel calmer, healing and foregiveness issues. I asked partner if he was ok about me contacting them, well, they contacted me! He said yes, so the feedback I got, I passed onto him. He said he will give it some thought… I feel like I’ve played my part now, the bridge, so I’m building confidence and learning patience that these things happen in their own good time. I’ve just got to practice more on opening those doorways, safely, when my guides think I’m ready, and not be impatient.
    Feeling very blest found my tribe and tools to help me navigate my path!
    Deepest gratitude

    Will download worksheet, look forward to doing this.
    I will also try and make contact with one of the owners of those three story old mansions in the road, see if they can shed some light on history of this road.

  10. Hanna Isaksson 5 years ago

    This is really interesting to me. I had so much trouble with my house. But I also feel that I was chosen to restore the house and clean up the yard. This house has really challenged me. But also helped me to grow up. I have had a lot of mixed feelings about living here. And I still have difficulties to say that this is going to be my place for the rest of my life.

    I have done a lot of spiritual cleansing in my two houses. When my first shamanic teacher worked with me, in a different purpose, he was led to the house. He saw that the house had an open whole to the other dimensions. From this whole both good and bad energies had emerged during a couple of decades. Therefore the house was in bad shape. He closed the whole and since then I have done cleansing work at the space whenever my spiritual teacher told me it’s been time for it.

    My shamanic teacher had a feeling that there had been someone in the village practicing shamanic work in a wrongful way, therefore it’s not only my house that has been damaged. He couldn’t say if it was because the person was careless or that the person had bad intentions.

    Another thing that’s interesting is that when I work on the land, I always find trash from someone that previously lived there. This person seemed to think that the big stones were the place to put trash. I found so much rusty metal, glass, pots and pans. Parts to bicycle and cars. Plastic and wires. I always had the feeling that someone led me to this places around the house. Because it’s been everywhere.

    I also have the feeling of spirits in my house like “ghosts” I see the shadows. In the beginning I felt more negative and scared when this showed up. But now I don’t get that bad feeling anymore. Last winter for example I could not get the fire working in my fireplace. It was like someone tried to kill the fire as soon as I tried. Finally I gave up. But this autumn I managed to do two fires so far with good result.

    So it’s definitely a spiritual place that also gives me access to see animals and get signs from them. I had a very spiritual person here 2 month ago. She described my place as a red haired horse, a mare. And she said it was a great spiritual place. But it’s not everyone who can handle it. Because there is a place with a lot of it’s own will and speed. I was very happy to hear this since I think that sometimes that energy has frightened me. But two weeks ago I made a ceremony with my place letting it know that I will help it to become what it used to be. And since then I had a lot of positive things going on. I think I needed to show my commitment.

    • Jackie 5 years ago

      Wow that is beautiful! It is wonderful that you have made friends with your home/land and that you are creating this bond with the ancestors…

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