1. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 4 years ago

    I feel some deep waters are in the near future. I know I have a big unearthing to do with an event and an emotion that was recently triggered in my life. It all stems from the root of abandonment. (I think that one is a biggy for me). Looking forward to this discovery & ultimately the healing.

  2. Lee-Ann 4 years ago

    Looking forward to doing the soul work for this lesson. This made me realize how much I have changed with my dad. He can still push my buttons but I do react differently to them and I don’t feel like such a child with him like I have in the past. His triggers don’t effect me like the used to.

  3. Jackie Derham 4 years ago

    I have worked on this but mainly on situations that involved other people, I forgave my father for not being there for us when we were small. I worked on the trauma I had when going into hospital age 7 and 14. Unfortunately I still have plenty of work to do forgiving myself for things or getting over the lack of self confidence, self worth. I still live in fear of so many things. Not having enough money, putting myself or my work out there. I see when I am entering these phases but still a lot of the time hide from them and sink into the ignoring or self pity trap. The more I do of this spiritual work the less time I spend in these traps but very much a work in progress.

  4. Harper Hornaday 5 years ago

    Thank you. I want to watch this over and over again. (Dakota, I love your voice. Whenever I hear it, especially over the intro music to your teaching, I just feel safe and comfortable.) I have trouble identifying the emotion. I often feel it isn’t just one, but a couple or a few of them. Is there any advice on this? I’m also a little behind on the feeling of the emotion completely and then incorporating the tools to process those emotions. I sometimes don’t think that I have those tools.

  5. Lo 5 years ago

    How perfect the teaching was to understand what happened last night. I am trying to build a sacred relationship and over something small went to an old pattern of handling something with not the greatest maturity. This morning was the beautiful answer I needed watching this video. I had an emotional trigger of my OWN making and didn’t take the time to name it but rather moved right to the secondary emotions where I lost what the initial emotion truly was. Today, I can take the lesson in so much more because of my own self-triggering, I can now see that by going to the right side of the chart it is not good. I want so much to be mature in my relationships and want to strive to have sacred relationships and see so much is more self love and acceptance. Thank you Dakota for this teaching as you’ve given me a tool, a visual, to help me slow down and seek to understand myself first versus reacting from old wounds. I’m committed to develop a stronger self awareness and presence for the sake of me and all others I am in relationship with. Thank you all for your support 🙂

  6. Francoise Vaal 5 years ago

    While listening to the path of incongruence/congruence, I realized how many times I fall into the trap of incongruence. And how easy it is to stay on that path.
    It’s the strategy I once chose that seemed to be working, but at this point in my life I realize more and more that it is not working at all and that the ego is gaining ground. It is making me miserable. I also realize that I have already forgiven my parents for not being there for me when I was young, but I have never forgiven myself….and still don’t. Ah…..a lot of work still needs to get done…

  7. Hana Rainbow Dancer 5 years ago

    During the body map exercise I found out painful emotions from the past that got so intense over all those years, that I even do not need any trigger these days. It feels more like a permanent state from that I am trying to pull myself out through all different kind of actions and reactions and when all action is over there is nothing left but to face it. I realized that facing all of that was so hard for me in the past that I kept myself mentally active almost all the time just to survive, always trying to find a solution. I am little scared of the depth of my own feelings, the pain and sadness I feel when all the actions and reactions are gone… But I am grateful for these tools and the fact that I can operate now from a deeper level of awareness. Thank you for great teachings and exercises.

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