1. HillaryBanksSelf 4 years ago

    Re-Starting around the Wheel, for the Second Year, and I can’t help but be oh-so-grateful for the familiarity of some of the topics after the year of change and growth I have experienced since starting with Gaia Wisdom School. I’m so ready for deeper healing, a more enduring sense of calm, inner peace and a rootedness within that I know awaits after doing this work. While I am proud of how brave I’ve been this past year – and how much I’ve shifted, I’m also keenly aware of my need to feel safe, grounded, seen + understood. Happy to be back, Soul Family.

  2. Joy Little Mountain Cloud Richards 4 years ago

    I know life looks a lot more hopeful than it was a year ago.
    This mentorship, given me a framework, feel truly blest finding my way here.
    I’ve been a bit slow starting, I think it’s been the wake up call I’ve needed, been reflecting a lot, what happened this year, plus I ran out of energy.
    I can now see a bigger picture, can see I have shifted my perspective.
    Changed from being numb, then angry, to finding my feet. Still stumbling a bit sometimes, but I seem to come back quicker. I get quiet, sometimes a bit low, but I don’t touch bottom like I used to and don’t stay there like I used to.
    I have faith in the future now, looking forwards to this second year.
    I know each time I get lost, out my comfort zone, it allows me to see what doesn’t serve me, let it go, and replace it with a better option, a more solid foundation to build upon.
    I am grateful, Aho.

  3. Jennifer 4 years ago

    You know, looking around at my space and my relationships, it seems that my outer world does reflect a bit of my inner world. Lots of chaos right now. Insecurity, unsure about a lot of things… But that’s okay. Because it’s giving me a clear map of where I need to/want to go, and I know that I can draw on my true nature – beauty, calm, peace, healing – to guide me.

  4. Cindy Yellow Butterfly 4 years ago

    Interesting… I awoke this morning reflecting… which is where we are headed. Thank you Dakota for your guidance and direction with this work and reminding me of the importance of balanced assessment – honest reflection and a balanced look! Aho!

  5. Valerie 4 years ago

    Thank you Dakota, I am ready for another year of learning and discovering myself on a deeper level Aho

  6. lisa 4 years ago

    I got a jump start on the West, I think t was the larger part of August and September. My person, Chris moved in with me. big transition from being a solo act with my dear Basso, who passed, for the better part of a decade. Holy smoke!!! Clean up and make space fast– all my projects and general mayhem had to quickly get sorted. What a great lesson. So great to see dear Budah. thankful that I am in the place that I am in. The second time through the wheel, so read for this opportunity. Ago!

  7. Carol 4 years ago

    I hope next year is better than this one. Life as I have come to know it has come to a grinding halt. Dakota is right that I need to get a new dog but it will not happen while I am living at my current address,Anyway enough of this because it isn’t the place to write it.

  8. Jackie Derham 4 years ago

    Needed this today, so glad I have signed up for the Wisdom keeper, I have so much work to do but am excited to be doing it. I want the change in me I hope it will bring. Loved the video, will listen to it a few more times or when I am not feeling so strong. Budah was gorgeous too you must miss her.

  9. rieserami 4 years ago

    Recognition this is perfect timing. My seeds did not germinate/flourish this summer – I think it’s because there is more clearing I need to do – I need to cultivate a more fertile soil by clearing out on a deeper level. I hope that with the work I do this fall and winter when I plant my intentions in the spring they will come to fruition in the summer (a big move, leaping into my career path, etc).

  10. Patricia 5 years ago

    Hi Everyone, I have been out of touch for a while, ready to delve back in. I recently moved into a new build house a few miles from where I used to live, only to find that my house is a gateway and build on sacred grounds. Within a week of being here I realised we had lots of spirit company trying very hard to get our attention. I had to call in my three shamanic sisters to help a load of spirits cross over and clear the energy of the area. Many souls were lost and wanting to go home. I also found that the house is in perfect alignment with each direction. The back door is in the North, the front door is in the south and then east and west to either side. The energy in the house is beautiful and warm and I can only imagine what experiences lie ahead in this sacred space.

    looking forward to connecting with you all in the next live call.

  11. Christina 5 years ago

    I am very excited that this direction is the beginning of my journey through this mentorship. It is very fitting for everything that is showing up for me right now. Thank you Dakota for sharing this wisdom with us all. Family ancestry began coming up over the summer and has been prevalent the past two months. Last week I was able to visit family I have not seen or never met before and it was amazing and informative. Some family patterns came up that I was able to observe from my father and his father and has gave me an awareness of why my father did some of the things he did. I felt so grateful for this as it helped me feel a sense of compassion and understanding of my past with my father. It is amazing that this unit is in perfect timing and I am feeling grateful! 🙂

  12. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    Thank you too for sharing your experience, yes, that inner light allowed to stand tall and full of grace, beautiful, like that word you’ve used, Grace…yes…I like that, very much.
    May all our inner lights shine, like lighthouses.
    Love light and laughter blessings to all

  13. Joy Little Mountain Richards 5 years ago

    I think I’m just about ready to actually deeply think about who am I, honestly. The good, bad and ugly bits, sort out the messy bits.. When we were driving back from Glastonbury today, home to Liverpool, I had the mental imagine in my head of I’m an castle, something like that I was thinking, with a muddy moat around me, but the main image was I’m pulling up the draw bridge so certain folk can’t get to me anymore, can’t hurt me any more emotionally. But I was putting down new draw bridges, to allow myself out, into new good stuff… I’m not really making much sense but I thought I’d share that journey since it’s made me chuckle as we passed through a place called Ludlow and I saw a sign to Richards Castle… My surname is Richards, so loved that syncronicity. So Yeap, I’m ready to let my armour slip to take a good look at myself, see who I really am. I wish us all well on the journey.

    • Michelle 5 years ago

      I love this Joy. I can also relate to feeling like a castle after images came to me during a meditation group a few weeks ago. My castle was dark and empty standing deserted on a hill. The castle then began to glow with candle light, lit up from the inside, getting brighter and brighter. Restored to its original beauty and standing with grace just where it belonged for every one to see. Thank you for your well wishes and may we all shine our own inner light.

  14. Ron Shackelly 5 years ago

    My outside world does reflect my inside world! Between the lack of energy, and fighting my trauma, there is a definite lack of ‘visual progress’, mentally and physically. I am trying to clear my mental and physical space, but it’s tough! The one thing that is helping, but is time consuming, is my long walks in nature. It is slow, but it is definitely helping. I rushed through the East Direction section, do not remember much of it. If I catch up, I will go through the South Direction, which I did not get to go through. There was a thought that came to mind during the video, but it has escaped me!!

  15. PhyllisEagleDancing 5 years ago

    Sacred space…i had moved to the Big Island in 2003 and it caused my to seriously simplify. But, in the years there, i accumulated again. Upon return, i simplified again. During visits back to Georgia while in HI, i would sit in this spot on my daughter’s property and visualize a small structure that would be mine. It happened 3 years ago. I now have a 10 x 16 cabin that i finished out with leftovers from a friend’s house build. I love it! It’s colorfully organized. All my art stuff, dream catchers, instruments, a mini medicine wheel, a writing desk. It’s quiet and in the woods. I’ve spent a lot of time landscaping a cottage garden. I still have stacks of lumber that i have plans to build things with. Looks a bit messy for now. Every night when I get in bed and look around, i verbally say, “Thank you Great Spirit.” I love this space.

  16. Valerie 5 years ago

    Really looking forward on this Feels like an adventure

  17. blpark55 5 years ago

    I have been walking and opening up with my ascension for several years. Each layer that peels off of the onion is exactly like an onion skin…the layers are thicker. going deeper into my soul. I am sitting here today living in a camper. We are building our home. We have 3 dogs each one has taken a corner on the couch or chair. LOL My sacred space these days is outside, away from these tight walls. But also in my vision…I am visualizing more than ever before. My sacred room, the kitchen, the walls of this new home. the energy we are putting into every board that goes up. today the trusses go up…giving us a much better view of our new space. I am SO ready for this journey. thank you

    • Marisse Reyes 5 years ago

      Wow, that’s sounds like such a special place to be while you’re creating your new sacred space. Thank you for sharing that! 🙂

  18. Carol 5 years ago

    Dakota and Buddha I am grateful. I am looking forward to this West Direction. I am not going to remember the problems I had with getting connected to the live calls, I want to do the worksheets as honestly as I can and move forwards in life. Aho

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