1. Valerie 4 years ago

    Thank you Dakota. For this information. Me and my sister have been working on our relation the past weeks, it isn’t always easy . So thank you for this so I can understand better of how to be more in this relationship with her and understand her better. And me not getting upset but beeing more open to her.This is very important to me, thank you

  2. dminer11 4 years ago

    Great info. Love the “check in”. A week ago I had a conversation with my daughter.

    • dminer11 4 years ago

      Oops never finished my thought. I had been stewing about something she had said in regard to her dad my ex- husband. I started by saying…”I was bothered by what you said…blah, blah, blah.” She gave me an explanation and that was the end of it. My daughter and I are very close but she lives 3 hours away. We found what works for us is not to give an opinion unless asked. Sometimes that’s not easy…but the right thing to do on so many levels. Sometimes she just needs to vent. Sometimes through venting she comes up with her own solution. Sometimes she wants to ponder her own ideas, and sometimes she asks me my opinion. I respond in a way that empowers her and I plant seeds. I have found her using the same technique on her teenage and early 20’s step children. I never take credit for it. Instead I give her a compliment on how well she handle a situation. I guess the idea of this lesson is to have the tools and how to use them in a compatible, and non threatening way.

  3. Lo 5 years ago

    Love the reminder that our relationships extend beyond who we choose to have relationships but to the greater world. The lesson is so magnificent in content, presentation and delivery that it makes you want to be a better person for everyone’s sake. What a gift. Thank you.

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