1. Cheyanne 4 years ago

    Great stuff. It makes sense why I get upset when my partner doesn’t put his clothes away. I hate clutter. Growing up in a cluttered house (my dad was a bit a of a hoarder) made me want to live in the exact opposite type of place when I moved out.

    I get anxious when I see little hints of hoarding from my partner because it brings back feelings from my childhood. I find it hard to communicate with him about certain items (I mean do you really want to keep this piece of paper from 7 years ago??) He finds sentimental value in everything.

    But then I remember him growing up in a not so stable household where he moved a lot and had to live in his car for a while as a teenager. He doesn’t want to let go of things because back then he had to keep everything he could to manage living on his own.

    I understand why he has so many clothes because he sees the value in them from when he was homeless.

    And we’ve worked through getting rid of some things, but we’ve also butted heads many times because I don’t always communicate well. I think I tend to unintentionally blame him or scold him, instead of really working through the issue. I need to work on speaking my authentic truth and stating clearly my needs, as well as hold space for him and his needs. I also need to clearly ask him to hold space for me too so I feel like I am being heard without receiveing feedback unless I ask for it. The “checking in” from the previous video is such a cool thing to incorporate into our relationship.

    Building our sacred relationship in all directions of the medicine wheel is only going to make our soul connection stronger.

    I’m also excited to feng shui the heck out of our bedroom lol! I often think about why I don’t feel sensual very often in our home, and I bet it has a lot to do with the clutter we’ve lived in for the past 4 years. We just moved to a new place and I’m starting from scratch. Every room has its own energy.

    The only room that has an imbalanced energy to me is the living room. It’s full of tech stuff, but all that stuff is my partners passion so we can’t get rid of it. I’ll see how I can incorporate some feng shui into it to make it pleasing for both of us 🙂

  2. Heather Thomas 5 years ago

    I don’t know why it took me several tries to get all the way through…I see now that I needed to sit with the south for a bit. The west is going to draw me in easily. Excited to work on the house. My husband made me a beautiful wooden desk, I never use it, it is the junk pile. It faces the wall and my back is to the door. We wanted something there, it’s a weird little space. It is now clear why I don’t like to use it. Thanks always!

  3. Lee-Ann 5 years ago

    I’m going to have to come back and watch this one again. When my husband passed away, I became very close with his daughters and some other family members. He was the black sheep of the family and was really only close with his brother. However, when I lost my mom, I also lost the relationship with his daughters which in turn caused a spiraling effect and I have lost touch with all of his family. Most of that was definitely my doing and I’m OK with everything that happened but this has helped shed some light on why it might happened. Thank you for that.

    As far as the rest of it… My apartment is in clutter chaos. I still have my moms stuff in boxes every where from when I cleaned out her apartment. I know I need to go through it and purge what I can. It definitely isn’t healthy to have all this clutter.

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