1. Karen 4 years ago

    Really interesting & inspiring. Have listened to some solfeggio frequency meditations and my shoulder pain has gone! This explains why at certain times in my life I was drawn to the Gregorian Chants. Thank you

  2. robin 4 years ago

    I listen to Gregorian Chant when I paint.

  3. Valerie 4 years ago

    Going to look it up on you tube

  4. Hanna Isaksson 4 years ago

    super interesting! I will use this :))

  5. Michelle 4 years ago

    Ooh thank you. I know what I’ll be listening to tonight. So looking forward to learning more.

  6. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    This wasn’t long enough but thank you.

  7. Ron 5 years ago

    I am tone deaf. I have tuning forks and singing bowls, but they are “over my head”!!

  8. gillian bennett 5 years ago

    This is au interesting. I am def going to explore more of this. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge Dakota.

  9. Patricia 5 years ago

    This concept was new to me in terms of realising how music frequencies can heal every aspect of our being. Which is quite amazing, so it’s not surprising to me that this information has been denied us as a human race. Our connection to God, Mother Earth and the Universe in its entirity and knowing who we truly are as, powerful interdimentional beings puts us back in control of ourselves on every level thinkable.

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