1. Ron 5 years ago

    Hey Sister Cloudy! I got my Tae Kwon Do Green Belt 44 years ago! After one year of a three year course, I dropped out to help raise our son. In the mean time, I tore both Achilles Tendons,and could not go back. That was my Lost Dream.

    The Residential School System affected my memory, I have trouble learning languages. I had no luck with French in high school, got enough to pass the exams, but not enough to converse. I’ve done a lot of trips to Mexico with two co workers, could not learn Spanish, barely enough to get by. Good thing they could speak English!

    Funny you should mention the Lakota language! I bought a course to learn Lakota! I am tone deaf, but am determined to sing in Lakota! A’ho.

  2. April Doyle 5 years ago

    I often find myself humming while creating art & being outdoors. It was fun to make the prayer flag at Beltaine & no one minded my humming 🙂 When I was growing up, I ALWAYS hummed, but didn’t think anyone could hear me! Somewhere early in grade school, I found out I was being heard and was mortified. I did learn to sing & loved chorus & even had private singing lessons. Singing the oldies in the car is always a favorite. I have made up songs of thanks for the trees while walking in the forest… Ohm is another great sound I resonate with. There is always some song floating around in my head, never the same one, always changing, quite eclectic.

  3. Ariane 5 years ago

    I have not done this lesson yet, but as it happens yesterday I found myself singing a made up song. It just came out without thinking or trying. The song touched me as it was deeply meaningful to me. It surprised me, so I knew it was not ‘me’ in a way. To put this into context until the recent video challenge, I never sang…..except for maybe in the car of the girls were also singing so that I could not really hear my own voice. Now off to listen to this

  4. Grace 5 years ago

    I love this lesson. I have so many songs in me and in so many different languages. I keep this part hidden as I could never figure out where this fit into the world. My writings come mostly from my inner song. When I wake up each morning I’m singing sometimes in english and sometimes in other languages. This started around fifteen years ago when I left religion. I’ve now found that if I don’t sing daily, I feel very lost. When around people, I find myself humming to keep myself harmonized and balanced. I’ve never understood where I was getting all this stuff from. Wonderful to be reminded I’m different in a good way.

  5. Jennifer VanBenschoten 5 years ago

    Last summer, I found myself spending lots of time sitting under the box elder tree with my drum, just chanting seed sounds. I need to start doing that again.

  6. Hana Cechova 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for this lesson. My heart was aching while listening. There are so many songs in my heart and even more different intuitive languages. It is just sometimes so difficult to show up from this heart space. During elementary school I was the kid that was laughed off during the music classes. I couldn´t sing, nor read the scores, completely off key and tone-deaf. I am still fighting with it… how is it possible to produce music and sounds while being tone-deaf and off key and even off beat… And yet I know in my heart that what I sing or say in the intuitive language might be completely imperfect from the musical perspective and yet it is so close and healing to my heart… Thank you for this lesson.

  7. gillian bennett 5 years ago

    Oh beautiful. Yes, yes, yes. Find that soul voice. Mine only came when I did the inipi meditation during the north, and it comes now time to time. Also toning comes time to time as well. I tone to the babies. It really soothes them. It is all those things, Dakota. Bless. Love this, THANK YOU!

  8. Marisse Gabrielle 5 years ago

    I’m excited to do this exercise. When I’m out in public and feeling overwhelmed I always find myself singing and/or humming. It’s very soothing and grounding and I feel creates a protective field around me.

  9. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    I found this difficult to listen to but only because I had not long read Dakota’s letter. It really touched my heart. But enough of that, back to the teaching. There has been a song inside of me that has had special meaning for a very long time. I have always loved songs sung in Irish gaelic because whilst I cannot understand them, they give me great peace.

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