1. Patti 5 years ago

    Yes I do believe this is going to take some time, I know some of my beliefs and I still havent been able to change them over yrs of noticing them. Or not very much or not as much as I want to. Im sure I have changed some but those deep ones that I just cant beat is driving me crazy. Unworthy and not good enough suck. Well i will keep on it!

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Keep at it Patti .. you have to remember that it took years to form them and they won’t change overnight. It takes persistence … “and she persisted” – my new favorite quote!

  2. Jenny Jean Rielly 5 years ago

    Wow! I love this insight, this teaching, this challenge to question everything. Where do I begin?

    >I soulfully believe & trust my guides, (my intuition), (my higher self.)
    >I believe in my own experiences, and set the intention to be more mindful of repeating things that I have only “heard” from others.
    >I believe in the good of humanity.
    >I believe in the healing power of plants, animals, crystals…all of these are part of my experiences.
    >I believe in many “concepts” & wish to better LIVE & practice these beliefs…

    AND, I’m not sure if the World is round…or if it even exists after the Quantum Physics lesson…LOL…I can’t even begin to explain how that has opened me up! Thank you <3

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Love this … and like you, after learning about the Quantum Physics, it’s hard to know what is reality and what is an illusion … still working through the earth is round/flat idea.

  3. Gillian 5 years ago

    This video is powerful and insightful, than you. it expresses a fear I have that I am living a sheltered life, with minimal exposure to the “real world”. My community, my friends, acquaintances are all in the spiritual realm. My family not so much, but I don’t bring my spirituality up with them so it is a non – issue. When I am listening to someone with beliefs vastly different from my own (for example far right extremists), and I notice intense feelings of overwhelm, dislike, disconnect, fear. I don’t want to be in that energy, be it mainstream media or someone close by mouthing off. I I have 2 nephews who are in this group and espoused trumps extremist views. I simply don’t want to be around them. I have been feeling that I am too fragile, too weak, too insecure in my own beliefs to permit what you talk about here. I am hoping that with this work I can change this, and continue to grow into my strength n truth. I am scared that I am not going to make it tho. That I am not enough for this. Dakota, how do I make it so?

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Gillian, I believe that when we understand the “why” of our belief, it makes it easier to know that is our truth. When we have a solid foundation for our beliefs, we can stand firmly in them and not feel threatened or feel a need to change others. And we just keep digging into them but with an open mind. Not always easy to do but it is what keeps us connected and in our truth. Your beliefs and your truth is a bit like having your superhero shirt on – you can deflect what is harmful, and through example, inspire others.

  4. Grace 5 years ago

    I’ve watched both teachings twice as beliefs are HUGE. I have so much to unpack that I don’t know where to start – God, Relationships, Self-Image, Weight, Love, Career, The Concept of Retirement, Spirituality, Gender Roles, Race, Career, Income, etc. etc. Over this past year, I could see how I was living in a reality created by someone or something but it was not what I wanted. This is going to take me well beyond the north direction and even beyond the mentorship. Thank you for such an important teacher.

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Thank you for this comment Grace. It is a lot of unpacking! For many of us it has taken well over 40 years of “programming” – changing the software – or updating the software doesn’t happen over night. Now you may understand when I said you could travel the Wheel over and over and over and have a different experience each time!

  5. Carol Sloan 5 years ago

    This was no way near long enough. When I can find the time I need to watch this again and again. I know this is real and I am meant to be hear and my guides are real because I have seen them, even outside of meditation in the case of my dragon but lately I have started to question why I am here, am I worthy of being here. I do not feel that what I have gone through is anything near as bad as what many of you have gone through and it doesn’t feel right wanting to talk about it. If what I have just said causes offence to anyone I am truly sorry because that was not my intention. I quite often ask myself if I believe what I do now because it feels safe to do so or is my mind just playing tricks on me getting its own back on me for the electric shock shock treatment I put it through years ago, if I have offended my spirit guides that is not my intention Dakota I know exactly where you are coming from with regards to the massage therapist, letting them do things that you are not happy with. I have more to say but I am having problems seeing the screen clearly. Aho

    • Dakota Walker 5 years ago

      Carol, there can be no comparison between what you go through and what someone else goes though – it is all relevant, all of it real, and all of it equally deserving of time and attention. Be gentle with yourself!

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