1. JoLynn 6 years ago

    i retook the test and I do not know how, but i have an extreme excess and an extreme deficiency in the south direction

  2. emily 6 years ago

    I would say that for me it is being that childlike self, finding joy in so many things, so many places. I watch kids in my life when they are involved in any type of play and it is just amazing to watch their faces and hear what they say and how the littlest thing you do with them brings them so much happiness. I want to remember that life doesn’t have to be so hard, sometimes we make it harder for ourselves than in needs to be. I have been trying to remember throughout the day to just stop, and say, “thank you for this experience,” out loud to my guides and ancestors whenever I can, no matter what it is that I am doing when I remember to be more joyful and more importantly to bring that feeling of joy to myself, even if I forget it quickly sometimes.

  3. ariane 6 years ago

    The sentence ‘to feel alive the emotional and intuitive bodies need to be cleared and balanced’ really struck me.

    It’s my relationship to my emotions that has been something that I’m slowly learning to change. I’ve spent many decades suppressing my emotions and now I’m often overwhelmed by my emotions. Interestingly even though I love being in the water I’m also afraid of deep and dark water (except when i’m scuba diving), I think this might be symbolic somehow for fearing the so called ‘darker’ emotions.

    Anger in particular is an issue for me, as I can usually not get in touch with it. Even when I attempt to elicit feelings of anger (against perpetrators) I just don’t seem to be able to do that. And then very sporadically anger/rage arises and I can feel ‘possessed by it.

    I have never had any intuition, (or have not known to listen/trust it), but that is slowly changing.

  4. Robert 6 years ago

    I’ve always felt a strong connection to water. It is a need for me as I was told by a Chinese Doc it cools my fire within. Regularly outside, either walking my pooch in the morning or mtn biking with her at the Nordic trials in the evening. We take our time, observing nature and curious as to what we will come across each time- it has ranged from chipmunks, crows, falcons, hawks to snakes, bears, moose and a fox to name a few! Look fwd to each adventure and I’m open to the realm of possibilities as to what the universe has planned for the teaching each time. And when I rtn home, I’m looking fwd to explore my Animal Spirit Guide book to see what each is revealing.

  5. Grace 6 years ago

    This was so wonderful to see the descriptions of everyone’s youthful summers. This exercise was a bit challenging. I find it difficult to express many emotions. Often I it takes me some time to figure out what the emotion actually is. My goal right now is to learn to experience joy.

  6. gillian 6 years ago

    Wow, this was phenomenal! Seeing everyone’s words captured by the pictures, I was blown away, moved in a significant way. Dakota, thank you. So much time you spent to gift us with this beauty. Thank you, from my heart, thank you.

    I find it very easy to give love. I reiki our trees, I give thanks to some really big gum trees here, and am so fortunate that I am able to get outdoors every day to touch, to speak with and to share energies with Mother Earth. My grandson and I have a prayer we use for the trees every day. He is only 20mths, so still very small, but is by now reaching out for trees to touch them and give thanks with me. Mother Earth rolls through me, she has pulled me out of many situations that haven’t served me – well, prob not until I recognize that I really do need to listen to her, if you know what I mean.

  7. patti 6 years ago

    I love the water but have been connecting to trees this summer. 1 st time I’ve really connected to then.

  8. arrowyn 6 years ago

    I too, like Watching Hark, feel like I am guided by my intuition and definitely feel best around water. I was just in Portland, OR and immediately, when I got off the plane and felt the water in the air, my whole body relaxed and I felt at peace in a way I never do in the arid desert of Los Angeles.
    I am very playful and youthful- especially in my work. I like to laugh. I struggle with slowing down and really feeling things deeply. I like to skim.
    I am a very vibrant person, I was a dancer, and feel that passion is a big part of who I am.
    If anything, I might have a little too much South energy happening.
    It is my happy place, for sure.

  9. Watching Hawk 6 years ago

    I guess mine is Intuition. and always feel best around Water.

  10. jennifer 6 years ago

    My emotions and my intuition definitely speak to me the most. And in the summer, when everything is hot and humid and rich and green and growing and producing…one of my favorite things to do on a summer evening are to walk through the gardens or the greenhouse and pick tomatoes and beans and cucumbers and sugar snap peas, put them in a big bowl, and just look at them and smell them. I love the feeling of the soft dirt beneath my feet as I walk between the plants. I love to spend the evenings out in the canoe or fishing at the edge of a lake or pond, watching the bugs and the fish rising, and if we’re lucky, seeing a few raptors who are shopping for dinner from the same fish that we are.

    I remember when I was a kid, the first few warm days spent on the front porch with a sketchbook or a book to read and some music would make something rise up in me, I would feel wave after wave of emotion washing over me, until I felt as though I couldn’t stand it. And I felt totally alone in that experience, because I knew that if I told anyone about it, they would suggest that I needed to be medicated the same way they suggested that my mother needed to be medicated… It was a very lonely time for me.

  11. Carol 6 years ago

    I resonate most with my emotions and a little bit of intuition. I feel so very lucky that I can still go and immerse myself in mother nature and all her beauty.

  12. JoLynn 6 years ago

    I was consumed with overwhelming sadness as I read this section. I feel as though I am finally grieving my story. I do know that I always grieve whenever I am in the process of letting go and I have been feeling a huge energy shift that has been occurring for the last fifteen months and it seems to be quickening exponentially. I have been so cloaked in my story for so long and I feel that I really feel movement (images of a stream wearing down huge boulders-slowly, slowly-I don’t even see it happening and one day the boulders are just gone-how did that happen?) internally. I did hug a tree very tightly and I visualize myself literally “stepping out of my story” because I am Oh so much more than that!!

  13. Amber 6 years ago

    I resonate mostly with the energy of Intuition in the South because I am out in nature more… observing, listening, connecting.

  14. Nancy 6 years ago

    I don’t know if this would be considered an “energy” or not but I am in love with plant life. As I was walking the dog yesterday I was enthralled by the color of the trees against that Carolina blue sky. Then I started paying attention to the variety of trees on my walk; there were regal oaks and pine trees, magnificent magnolias in bloom and the wispy, gentle Japanes Maples. I walk through the garden sections of stores just to be among the plants and flowers and herbs! I can feel the life radiating off them. Then, one calls out to me and I have to take it home (this week it was two types of lavender and a hibiscus, which reminded me of my time in Hawaii).

    This morning I walked the dog and it was a completely different experience because a storm was brewing. So the trees against a gray sky gave a totally different feel, but still beautiful in a wilder way, with the trees swaying and blowing!

    Come to think of it, I also resonate with the energy of thunderstorms! I have always loved them! Where many people talk about waking up because of storms, I sleep right through them. Thunderstorms always remind me that we will never tame Mother Nature. She will always have her way and she should be respected. I have great respect for that.

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