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  1. Carol 4 years ago

    This is one change in the programme that I don’t like. Sorry Dakota with the greatest of respect this change makes me less likely to want to do the meditations, we have never had to go through so many meditations to get to where we need to go before we start.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 4 years ago

      Carol, we made this change so that Wisdom Keepers could have access to ALL the meditations at once. In the past you could only access the current direction. So to give WK’s an added bonus, we changed it. We did, however, put you back into the current Immersion to make it easier for you and if others would prefer to have one Immersion at a time and not have access to 52 meditations, please let us know. We are happy to change that for others. My feeling, however, is that most would WANT to have more meditations to fit what they needed at the moment they needed it.

      • Amy 3 years ago

        I like having access to all the meditations, but Is there anyway to have full access to them all at once without having to hit “complete” on each meditation to get where we want to start?


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