Mother Earth, Father Sky, Wisdom Keeper

Guided Immersive Journeys

The Center Direction, also known as the Wisdom Keeper Soul Archetype, is the hub of the Medicine Wheel, representing the integration of all the other directions. It is the place of stillness and neutrality, where we can access the wisdom of both Mother Earth and Father Sky. This direction offers a chance to connect with our higher self and gain clarity on our life’s purpose.


Guided meditations found in these directions are more expansive and encompassing of all the directions. They focus on balancing the chakras, honoring thresholds and holidays, tapping into our inner Druid or Witch, connecting deeply to nature and the earth, working with plant, tree, and nature spirits, and expanding our consciousness beyond the physical realm.


Through meditation, we can tap into the energy of the Wisdom Keeper and gain access to profound levels of spiritual awareness, gaining a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. With the help of Dakota Earth Cloud Walker, we can learn to connect with the energies of the center direction and begin to live our lives in alignment with our highest potential.

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