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In Celtic Spirituality, the North Direction of the Medicine Wheel represents the Earth element, and is associated with the Soul Shaman Soul Archetype. This direction is all about deepening our connection with the spiritual realm, and building a strong relationship with our spiritual body. Through meditation, we are able to meet our spirit guides, power animals, and other helping spirits from the other realms, and gain the guidance and insight we need to move forward on our path. 


The North is also the direction of introspection, where we turn inward and tap into our past lives to gain a deeper understanding of our present life. By delving into the mysteries of our existence, we can find the answers to the existential questions that we all have, such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” This is the direction of the Soul Shaman, who helps us to navigate the depths of our being and emerge with a greater sense of purpose and understanding.


Through guided meditations, Dakota Earth Cloud Walker helps us to access the power of the North Direction and the Soul Shaman archetype. These meditations can help us to build a strong connection with the spiritual realm, meet our spirit guides and power animals, and gain the insight and wisdom we need to move forward on our journey. By exploring the mysteries of our existence and deepening our understanding of our soul’s purpose, we can live more fully and authentically, and make a positive impact on the world around us.

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