Notes from a Shaman

During my travels, I journaled a bit – notes of experiences, lessons from life, a little bit of this and that. Finding gratitude and being struck in wonder. As I am home and I have more time to reflect, expect this notebook to fill up!

5 Signs You’re Out of Balance in the Visionary Soul Archetype

The East Direction of the Medicine Wheel governs our Mental Body, and our ability to focus, be clear-headed, follow our dreams, and breathe life into our sacred purpose. A balanced Visionary is confident, self-aware, isn’t stopped by fear or lack of belief in themselves. They speak their truth, people experience a balanced Visionary as authentic, inspiring, a true leader, and someone they look up to as a role model.  Find out if you have these 5 signs in balance.

[Journey Notes 01] A Road Well Traveled

I began this journey one year ago. I have driven 30,826 miles and crossed the United States 4 times. There are only 2 states that I have not seen (North Dakota and Alaska). What have I learned? Such an esoteric question that cannot be summed up, even in a lengthy article but can only be “lived out” in the rest of my days. But I can share with you 11 things I have learned along the way.

[Traveling the Wheel] Moonstone Meditation

For 4 hours I sat there letting the stones tell me their story, feeling the gratitude in my heart for the life I have, acknowledging the strengths, opportunities, and the people, the experiences I have in my life. Each part of my life reflected to me in those moments of sitting in silence, just being, and observing…  And I’d like to share a piece of that peace with you. I filmed 20 minutes of those moments with my tiny treasures, the moonstones that often go unnoticed.

[Ohio] Blood of Family

Embarking on this journey, I had no way of knowing for sure how long I would travel. A month, 6 months, a year … but one thing I knew for certain was my desire to go home to my family to spend some time with them. Family is such a funny thing. We push each other’s buttons, we love unconditionally, we can be separated for months and even years and yet the moment you walk through the door to see your Mom, it all is just okay.

[Manatee St. Park]The Gentle Giants & Huge Lessons

I landed here two nights ago, last night was bitter cold and I ended up adding as many clothes as possible to sleep in. It reminds me to lean into that West Direction energy to be more aware of my physical space and needs. Being on this soulful journey, I feel like I have focused much on what the lessons might be, the places to go, etc without being fully prepared physically for this challenge. So West energy …. I’m focusing on you for a bit, get myself geared up!

[Chessey Creek] Soul Tracking with Owl

[Video]The Owl eating the Snake was one of the most profound experiences I have had in nature (and I have had a lot!). I used the footage in a recent online class that I taught, and this is part two of that online class. The footage of the owl is towards the end but I’d like to think the entire video is worth watching!

[Chessey Creek] The Owl & The Snake – A Message of Re-Birth

I had the most extraordinary experience. I was half way to my turn around point when I saw her on the bank. She sat quietly on a log, not at all frightened by my presence. A large Barred Owl. She looked at me with her golden eyes, tilting her head as if trying to decipher my energy. My kayak drifted to the log, barely touching it. She would look at me, look at my boat, look back at me as if daring me to come any closer and at the same time I questioned whether she was going to hitch a ride with me. We sat there for several minutes, just staring.

[Chessey Creek] The Cabin on the Creek

When I lived in the mountains, I felt like I was remote but I had the companionship of my partner, and the animals. We had a handful of neighbors, and a meaningful community that we connected with often. So although isolated, there was still companionship. Going to the farm was a nice, but easy segue into being immersed with more people and yet still the quiet moments to reflect. I didn’t know then that the solitude I was about to experience would be one of the greatest gifts, and yet painful to befriend.

[South Carolina] The Farm & Friends

At the end of our incarnations, the most we can hope to leave this life with is with the love of our family, and our friends, especially the ones who become family – not by blood but by heart. Leaving the mountains, I had a few possessions, my dog Issie, and an open invitation to stay with my dear friends Steve and Kathie on their horse farm. Kathie and I share the common bond of kayaking, and horses. Both are soothers to my soul and a tonic to my heart breaking.



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