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Your Personal Meditation

Thank you for scheduling your personal meditation session. Below you’ll find a form to fill out, this will help me to make your experience not only personal but meaningful and hopefully impactful. I would like to create a meditation that you can also use over time. Take your time in filling this out but please have it to me about 3-4 days prior to your session. 

If you want something that you don’t see listed on this form, add it to the other notes.

Thank you again, I look forward to our time together.

Personalize Your Session

This is for you, make it as personal as you would like. If you would like to have someone’s higher self* come in, or for me to mention anything specific then add it to the notes at the bottom of the form.

*It is spiritually unethical to call in the energies of people still living. Sometimes we can work with their higher spirit in another realm but it’s not guaranteed they will come through since there is free will. People who have passed on are different, and we can call in their energy.

Life .... is magical is filled with beauty is this and the next moments, both precious is better with you in this world creating whether we are paying attention or not

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