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The Medicine Wheel is
whole living

What Are Your Thoughts?

What seeds have you planted that are showing up in y our external world?

Share your thoughts with the community. We learn so much when we share our ideas and hearts!

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  1. Tiajuana Ann Cooper 4 years ago

    I am not sure how to present my passion or gifts for the greater good.
    Sacred Heart Warrior (22%)
    Soul Shaman (20%)
    Wisdom Keeper (20%)
    Alchemist (18%)
    Visionary (18%)

  2. Cathy K. Ashburn 4 years ago

    What an awesome video!! My first introduction to the Medicine Wheel was when I read the book “Seven Arrows” back in the early ’90’s, but you sweet Dakota have made it truly come alive. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

  3. Jose 4 years ago

    Sacred Heart Warrior (26%)
    Visionary (23%)
    Soul Shaman (20%)
    Wisdom Keeper (20%)
    Alchemist (8%)

    Thank you for walking the good road and sharing along the way. Watching this workshop has filled me with a great deal of insight on my own journey to this point and is giving me direction on where to go next. A million thanks!

  4. Sandra Mouratidis 4 years ago

    Soul Shaman (34%)
    Wisdom Keeper (23%)
    Sacred Heart Warrior (19%)
    Alchemist (11%)
    Visionary (11%)

    Dakota, your wisdom and teaching style speaks to me. Thank you for being you and sharing your learning with us. 🙂

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 4 years ago

      So happy to hear this …. and thank you for being here and being open!

  5. Julie 4 years ago

    Dakota I’ve followed and listened to your meditations for years I was drawn to Shamanism I can’t remember when it just happened (I’m a Reiki master, hypnotherapist and in the middle of training as a Shamanic Energy Healer) I’m drawn especially to the medicine wheel I feel really connected with it..I absolutely love your energy, your presence and the way you teach it’s so warm and inviting I wish I lived in the states so i could learn with you face to face….. thoroughly enjoying the 3 workshops and the info about the Archetypes thank you sincerely for sharing your knowledge

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 4 years ago

      Julie – would love to have you come dive more into the Medicine Wheel! You don’t have to be live face to face (but would be on our live calls!) … consider the Mentorship, given everything you are doing I think you would love it!

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