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When the Soul Archetypal energy is balanced, you'll feel


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  1. Csimpson01 4 years ago

    Greetings Dakota,

    I am 21% Soul Shaman
    I am 21% Wisdom Keeper
    I am 20% Sacred Heart Warrior
    18% Visionary
    18% Alchemist

    I’ve learned that my core makeup yearns to be balanced, but because of life circumstances and deep abuse between past lives and this one, I have a lot to study and change in order to be balanced and at peace. Though I cannot currently afford your mentorship, I appreciate the info you did provide to make a great start until I can get the funds to join your mentorship. You are blessed and truly appreciated.


    Christine Simpson

  2. Maria Ostling 4 years ago

    Around the wheel I learned
    East 11%
    I need to play more, love myself more, and plant what I want to see.
    South 20%
    I need to sit in my emotions and not try to fix it before I even know how I feel about it.
    West 20%
    I need to trust myself, and forgive myself.
    North 20%

    I need to stop fixing things for myself and others with trite sayings….even when it is true. The universe might be right but I need to let myself and others process what is happening in their own way.
    Center 26%
    To draw on all parts of me, even the underdeveloped ones when making hard choices or dealing with hard people.

  3. Dixie Walker 4 years ago

    This was all new to me. I am deficient, over efficient, balanced in all directions. Dakota taught me how to become balanced .
    and, I am going to try this. This gives me a lot to think about and hopefully improve my life and be a better friend to others .

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 4 years ago

      I believe we all fluctuate between being deficient, excess and balance …. so you are right there with the rest of us Dixie!

  4. Carol 4 years ago

    I loved watching the waves, that used to be one of my coping mechanisms. Seriously I saw that I have got fingers in the pies of all four directions and I see how I am growing and learning even when I think I am not. I just love learning. In deepest gratitude.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 4 years ago

      thank you Carol … and I’m happy to know the waves were soothing … I could not have asked for a better place to film!

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