While in Austin, Texas I had the pleasure of sitting down with Charla Hathaway, a sexologist and intimacy expert. We talk about sex, intimacy, vulnerability and of course, the big O! Charla has such an infectious and beautiful energy, as you will see in the interview. I think there are many misconceptions about the role of a Sexologist and in our culture, talking so openly about sex is difficult if not hushed.

I believe the work Charla is doing is vital. In all the years of working so closely with folks and taking them through the Medicine Wheel, I see so many who lack the authentic intimacy in their own lives. If we can recapture that, and bring our souls more into our relationship to others as well as to ourselves, we will gain the momentum for living a full spectrum life.


Charla Hathaway

PhD. Intimacy Therapist, Author & Speaker

Charla Hathaway, PhD., sex & intimacy coach, founder of Austin’s BodyJoy Intimacy School, and author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Pleasure for Extended Arousal(in 7 languages), has guided thousands of students into vibrant, soul nourishing & intimately rich relationships.


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