Owls have been on my path since I embarked on this beautiful journey. So it comes as no surprise that an owl led me to this beautifully, aligned porch story with Diane. I was at Moss Landing and had just finished a very brief whale watching trip and feeling a bit deflated at the trip not being what I had expected, I wandered into the small village at Moss Landing. I decided on lunch at a funky Mexican restaurant and while ordering, noticed they had a live owl cam with a mamma owl and 3 babies. I inquired where the feed was coming from … indeed, it was in the back of their parking lot!

After lunch, I ventured back to see the nest and located next to it was an art gallery, where I met Diane and ended up having a heart felt, soulful conversation which led to this porch story the next day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed talking with this spirited, connected soul.

“Be willing to be different than you have ever known yourself.”

Dianne Millius


Dianne Millius

Astrologer, Minister, Spiritual Counselor

Dianne Millius is an Astrologer, Minister and a Spiritual Counselor. She resides in Moss Landing, California at the Monterrey Peninsula. In 1999, Dianne took ordination in the Malabar Rite, Healing Order of MeBasrim. Considered an Eastern Orthodox Christian religion by governments, it is ancient Gnosticism, all about finding God within. Like me, Dianne actively seeks out the marriage of esoteric and physics. 



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