We have already had this live guided meditation but you can still watch it (below). If you would like to be notified of future live meditations, fill out the form below and we’ll add you to the list.

There is such power within an individual and is amplified with a group of people who gather with a common intention. For this live meditation, our intention will be for the healing and relief for Australia and the fires. As of today, 12 million acres have burned, half a billion animals have died including 8000 koalas who were already threatened to extinction. From one of our former students, she tells me cars and roads are melting and the fires have created their own unpredictable weather systems.

No words can describe the amount of pain, suffering, and grief felt with this immense loss. Our Gaia Wisdom Mentorship has a special connection to Australia with our many Aussie students who have become our family. Our hearts go out for our soul family who is witnessing and experiencing the effects of climate change produced by the global citizens of this precious planet called Earth.

Even if you can not attend live, your energy will be felt and the meditation will be on YouTube and our website for the continued intention of healing and praying rain for our fellow earth citizens.

Thank you for your contribution to this energetic force.


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