Yay You!

I know this session is going to be very transforming for you and I want you to get the most from the session as possible. There are a few things that will make your experience even better and those are listed below. There are also some things for you to remember post-session and I will list those below as well (but I will remind you!)

Clear the Vessel

Depending on the time of your appointment, lower your intake of stimulants (coffee, alcohol, sugar) beginning about 7 hours before your appointment. Eat clean, healthy, whole foods the day before and the day of your appointment. This cleans your system so you can go deeper in the session, and you’ll have more clarity.

Set Your Space

We’ll be doing our session virtually, but I’d like for you to feel comfortable as if we were meeting in person. You can sit, or you can lie down during the session. It will be a little like guided meditation but you will be sharing information as we go through the session and repeating some things out loud. Privacy is number one, make sure you have a private area where you won’t feel interrupted or limited during your session.

Post Session

An Emotional Integration session is going to leave you feeling full of energy AND exhausted simultaneously. You’re going to do some big work in this session, there will likely be some tears and shedding things that no longer serve you and because of that, you will expend a lot of energy. And .., you will be clearing out a lot of old debris and that will leave you feeling energized. I recommend limiting your engagements after the session – allow yourself some time to do what feels natural to you. That may be a nap, a walk in nature, a soul date, or a number of other things. I find it helpful to not have set appointments with other people after an EIC so you can follow the guidance of your heart.


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