Sessions with Dakota

If you have any questions about the sessions below, feel free to reach out. I’m happy to answer or clarify any concerns you may have. This is an investment into your soul growth, I want you to feel comfortable in the session you have chosen.

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Emotional Integration Session

Cost: $175 – 75 Minutes 

I’ve never offered a session more powerful than the Emotional Integration Session. It has been said by many who have experienced it that it is equal to nearly 20 years of therapy in a single session. We have emotions which get “stuck” in our body – both physical and energetic body and must be moved out to relieve the blocks, fears, and emotions that hold us back from our highest potential. This session is deep, it’s extremely transformative, and will leave you feeling lighter, freer, and more able to access the joy in life.

In a normal session, we can expect to work with ONE emotion.  I don’t recommend working with more than 2 within a month because you want time to process, integrate, and shift the energy before moving on to another. In many ways, this session is another form of soul recovery.

Personal Meditation

Cost: $75 – 30 Minutes |  $150 – 60 Minutes

Meditations are my thing, I love creating them but more than that, I love to take people into a journey of their soul. Sometimes guided meditations help us to achieve different things but maybe it just misses the mark, it’s not quite what we need. One of my superpowers is creating a meditation at the moment, I thrive in that arena actually. With some information from you, I will guide you through a meditation that is specific to YOUR needs, with your name, the areas you are working on. I’ll take you through the meditation live during our session, and you’ll receive the recording of it so you can continue to journey to your personalized meditation any time you want.

Once booked, you’ll fill out a form that will give me some guidance for our journey. On the day of your appointment, I will ask if there are any additional things you want to include in your journey or changes that need to be made.

Shamanic Coaching

Cost: $150 – 60 minutes

This session offers you an opportunity to “take it to the Wheel”, meaning, to view our experience through the lens of the Medicine Wheel. The directions of the Medicine Wheel are powerful incubators of energy and we are constantly shuffling energy around our Wheel. Sometimes we do it so often that we create patterns of behavior and it can be seen (and manifested) by this energy.

In this session, we’ll talk about the situations arising for you – the blocks, the emotions, how you approach it, what you’ve done or not done, and with my guidance, I will help you to see it through the eyes of the Medicine Wheel for a much more clear understanding. I will help you to also create an action plan for moving you out of the pattern and into an arena where you can begin cultivating a more heart-centered life. Expect homework (which I like to call Soul Work).

Soul Recovery

Cost: $150 – 60 minutes

Soul Loss occurs when we experience trauma or impact and our psyche takes measures to protect us from the event. If gone unchecked, these lost pieces of our soul can culminate in a range of “symptoms” that leaves us feeling depleted and incomplete. While I advocate for folks to learn how to recover their own soul pieces, it is helpful to sometimes solicit the help of someone to help bring back these pieces.

In this session, I will lead you on a guided journey to find the pieces of your soul that are willing to come back at this time. We will likely recover one, maybe two, significant pieces which will give you much to work with once completed. The advantage of this session is to not only regain those pieces but for you to have active participation in that process.


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