Third Eye Activation Kit

Total Length (4 journeys): 85:40

This Third Eye Activation kit contains 4 guided shamanic journeys that will help to open and activate your Third Eye.

Part I uses specific methods for opening and awakening the 3rd Eye. To achieve the maximum potential of this journey, do it for 3 consecutive days, allowing 24 hours in between each session. Opening our 3rd eye and awakening the Pineal Gland is a powerful tool for transformation.

Part II uses toning and chanting, we continue to work on opening this intuitive and connected center.

Part III is used to open the third eye. In today's journey we work towards fully opening our third eye center and view our lives from this new and awakened state.

And finally, Seeing What Is takes you on a journey to use your newly opened and activate Third Eye specifically for messages. Use this journey to learn more about a current challenge in your life, and how to use your intuition to overcome it.


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