Inner Sanctuary

Inner Sanctuary – A Guided Meditation was featured on Insight Timer

Inner Sanctuary – A Guided Meditation will lead you into a sacred circle of transformation releasing anything not serving you. Where you find within the inner sanctuary of your heart, the seed of your soul. Often, we forget who we are, and this seed lies dormant within. You’ll breathe life back into this seed, allowing you to remember once more, the soul inside.

Choose either 5, 10 or 20-minute version of this meditation.

First Overture – Fire (05 Minutes)
In this first overture, you’ll wake up your root chakra and tap into your tribal warrior soul and breathe clarity into this moment. You’ll find a seed in your heart to foster and set your intentions for the day. Don’t let 5 minutes fool you, this would be a great start to your day.

Second Overture – Metamorphosis (10 Minutes)
You will enjoy the first overture which leads you from the tribal root into a softer, more heart-centered space where you will continue nurturing the seed to full bloom.

Third Overture – The Rising (20 Minutes)
The third overture contains the first two overtures and continues as you add in breathwork and with your breath, become a witness to your own becoming. Emerge from the experience renewed and deeply connected to your inner sanctuary.

*Headphones are suggested for this journey.

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