Shamanic Breathwork Session

Shamanic breathwork is a powerful practice used to access heightened states of consciousness, open up blocked energy, and connect to spiritual realms. Benefits of this type of breathwork include stress reduction, emotional clearance, increased mental clarity and focus, profound physical relaxation, and an improved connection with the self. Shamanic breathwork can also help awaken a deeper awareness of the power within as well as our connection to nature, spirit guides, ancestors, and ultimately all that exists in the cosmos. It is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, and personal growth.

Escape into a safe and sacred space, just for you. Connect to and discover your Inner Landscapes through Shamanic Breathwork.

Dakota and her experienced and trained Gaia Team will facilitate and hold sacred space as well as lead you through the journey of the inner soul-scape. Let their healing music transport you on an inner journey through breath, giving permission to explore your subconscious in a secure and supportive setting. You'll gain insight into who you are while connecting with like-minded people.

Shamanic Breathwork is an invitation to create your own reality from within – using your breath and energy as the tools to reunite yourself with your true essence and passion. No matter what areas of life that need stabilizing - Shamanic Breathwork is here to assist in releasing blocks held deep inside the body. Provide yourself an opportunity for growth as new ideas take shape, allowing for healing as love floods into all crevices that have been awaiting its arrival!

Join Dakota and her team today, as you witness firsthand what this form of self-discovery can do for one’s spirit - giving access to a powerful alignment that can speak louder than any words ever will.

Next Live Sessions:

March 23rd @ 3 PM - 5 PM EST
March 23rd @ 7 PM -9 PM EST

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