The Shaman Mantras

The Shaman Mantras came to me in one of my journeys. My Spirit Guides showed me how to do a mantra that would essentially affect my entire system - every meridian, organ, blood vessel, etc. In my journey, we had stood outside in the open air and they showed me the power of wind - how it carries vibrations miles and miles very quickly. We stood on top of a mountain and I watched the wind bend the trees at first close to me, then further down and then even further down. Next, they took me inside a cave and showed me the power of my words. I would say a word and it would echo throughout the cave and then come back to me. "What you put outside of yourself will always come back to you." Next, they showed me a vessel of pure light, it was beautiful, brilliant and magnificent. The light reflected all the colors of the spectrum and even some I couldn't name. It came alive as I touched the vessel, it reacted to my touch and my breath, and my words. "This vessel of light is you." At the end of the journey, they showed me how to bring all these powerful forces together in what I call the Shaman Mantras.

When I came out of my journey, I knew I had been given a powerful tool to not only use but to teach as well. As I have worked with the Shaman Mantras over the past 15 years, it has become one of the most powerful transformative tools I have used. Others say the same.

This meditation is done in video form so you can see how to do the Shaman Mantras and then you can do them alongside me and a few others. You can use the Shaman Mantras as done in the video for a full meditation or you can use the Shaman Mantras in a quick-fix type of way. If you feel hit with the energy you don't want, or need clarity, or love or whatever it might be - stop and do 3 Shaman Mantras, it will reset you instantly.

A word of caution when doing this meditation as done in the video, if you begin to feel too light-headed then just simply slow down. It is a form of breathwork which may impact you if you are challenged with asthma, breathing problems, are a smoker, or have heart issues. Just go slow, take your time, and listen to your body.

In this downloadable video, Dakota and two others go through a 30 minute round of Shaman Mantras. You can join with them for this profound experience that will take you into another realm of reality while also strengthening your etheric, emotional, spiritual and physical body.

Upon purchase, you will be sent a download link for the meditation.

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