21 Day Authenticity Challenge



21 Day Authenticity Challenge

Transform your world in just 21 days to live a more authentic life! Join this challenge at any time.

Each challenge day, you will receive 5 pieces of the challenge: Soul Inquiry, Challenge, Reflection, Wisdom, and Meditation Suggestion.

authentic challengeThe  Soul Inquiry, something to contemplate, to journal about, use as a conversation starter with someone you love, or to use a meditation prompt.


authenticity challengeYou will also receive a “challenge” for the day, you may incorporate it in any way you are able. If you can’t do the challenge during the day, don’t stress about it. You can save it for another day.


Your Challenge Wisdom gives you a bit of insight into “why” this particular challenge will help lead you to an authentic life.


 Your Reflection question will consist of a few questions for you to take to Dream Time, or to contemplate further for yourself.


You’ll also get a meditation suggestion that helps deepen the process or add another layer or dimension to your experience



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