21 Day Gratitude Challenge


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I Am Grateful

Length: 33:13

Living in gratitude naturally raises your frequency and vibration. How could it not? The feeling of expansiveness, aliveness, and tears welling up which come when you feel deep gratitude are indescribable except to say that it somehow erases all pain, or anxiety, or depression you may have been feeling. I think it’s safe to say that you cannot possibly feel gratitude and anger at the same time, or gratitude and bitterness or pain or suffering … it is impossible.

21 Day Soul Recharge

Feeling run down and like you could use a recharge?

This 21-day challenge is the perfect way to jump-start your energy and joy. You will be given tools for creating a more fulfilling life.

By the end of this challenge, you will feel more energized, clearheaded, and joyful than ever before. You will have gained new habits that support your health and well-being.

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21-Day Gratitude Challenge

What would it be like to have a gratitude muscle that flexed every day? Imagine how much more aligned you would feel if gratitude were at the forefront daily!

This 21-day Gratitude Challenge will help you strengthen your gratitude muscle so that it’s ready for when life hands out blessings. In this 21-Day Challenge experience, each day brings a new set of prompts to answer through journaling and meditation with an emphasis on the ordinary things in our lives which can be seen as extraordinary (and vice versa). You’ll also get specific tasks tailored just For YOU–like taking action steps towards living more authentically or expressing love where there was hurtfulness—to maximize how much these powerful lessons resonate throughout all aspects

This workshop makes a wonderful bonding activity if done together alongside friends & family!


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