Alchemist Immersion



The Alchemist Immersion – This immersion takes you through a series of guided meditations, soul-inspired exercises, and insights to assist you in deep transformations, gratitude, forgiveness, and more. You will learn to work with your ancestors, retrieve parts of your lost soul and dive into a world of alchemy, manifestation, and abundance. This Immersion follows the three sequences of Excavation, Recovery, and the Rise.

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Season of Change
Length: 00:21:45

Today we reflect on the changes we have experienced in the past season as well as the past seasons of our life. What have we learned, how have we grown and going forward, what changes do we wish to experience in our journey ahead?

Reaping Our Harvest
Length: 26:23

In the West Direction, we witness the harvest from all that we planted while in the East direction. We take stock and transform anything which no longer serves us. In this guided meditation, we witness all those things we harvest and sift through all that we want to keep, and that we want to let go.

Sacred Space
Length: 23:45

In this guided meditation we travel to the Upper World and receive wisdom and a gift from our Spirit Guide. We then will co-create an altar together in the ethereal world where we can revisit time and time to receive healing, work with our guides, or commune with our soul family.


Forgiveness from the Heart
Length: 23:00

Forgiveness is a transformer for your heart space and your life. It is a powerful soul tool that enables us to move forward on our soul path. In this guided meditation, we go through the act and the heart opening of forgiving someone who has wronged us in the past.

Finding Our Abandoned Soul
Length: 24:24

Today we open our chakras and travel through the multiverse in search of that part of ourselves we abandoned long ago. We then integrate it back into our ethereal body with the help of our spirit guides.

Soul Recovery
Length: 39:02

When we have experienced trauma in our lives, we lost pieces of our soul. Over time, all these missing pieces begin to dull our life, and we lost touch with who we truly are. In this guided meditation we go to find parts of our soul that are ready to come home.

Passing through the Veil
Length: 36:18

During this journey, we travel to the Otherworld to commune with the spirits of our ancestors and those who have passed before us. This is a time to reconnect, to forgive, find closure, and heal old wounds. During Samhain, the veil between the worlds is very thin, allowing spirits to pass from one world to the other with ease.

Healing Our Ancestral Lineage
Length: 26:57

In this journey, we travel to the upper world to meet with our ancestors. With an open heart, full of love and compassion, we help them to release the traumas and stuck energies which help to free both them and us.

The Rise

The Rise of the Phoenix
Length: 29:37

We make a conscious, and deliberate decision as to who we birth ourselves into being. What do we need to have more in our life? Who do we hope to become and be? What do we need to experience more? In this guided meditation you will step into the fire and transform yourself through the alchemy of fire, burning off all that no longer serves you and emerging as the mythical and powerful Phoenix.

The Warrior and the Shadow
Length: 28:38

In this guided meditation we confront our shadow sides and rise up the Warrior within us. You may also download the worksheet that will help you in this journey. It would be best if you fill out the worksheet before the journey.

Shadow Spirits
Length: 31:22

In this guided meditation we travel and explore a few layers of the Lower World, meeting with our Power Animal and then with a Shadow Spirit who will help us to recognize where we are hiding in the shadows. Our Power Animal will help us assimilate the information and help you in balancing this shadow aspect of yourself.

Transforming Fear to Faith
Length: 24:19

Fear can paralyze us and keep us from stepping into our power. In this guided meditation we take those fears and face them one by one and transform them into faith – faith in ourselves, in humanity and our Sacred Purpose.

I Am Grateful
Length: 33:13

Living in gratitude naturally raises your frequency and vibration. How could it not? The feeling of expansiveness, aliveness, and tears welling up which come when you feel deep gratitude are indescribable except to say that it somehow erases all pain, or anxiety, or depression you may have been feeling. I think it’s safe to say that you cannot possibly feel gratitude and anger at the same time, or gratitude and bitterness or pain or suffering … it is impossible.


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