The Call of the Ancestors



In this meditation bundle, you’ll work with the three types of ancestors that we have access to which include land ancestors, our bloodline, and the energy of the cultures we feel connected to. When we work with our ancestors, we invoke deep healing and connection that transcends time and space. It opens the doors to many levels of being, and a deeper understanding of who we are, and where we originated from.


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Passing Through The Veil

Length: 36:18

During this journey we travel to the Otherworld to commune with the spirits of our ancestors and those who have passed before us. This is a time to reconnect, to forgive, find closure, and/or heal old wounds.

Healing Our Ancestors

Length: 26:57

In this journey we travel to the upper world to meet with our ancestors. With an open heart, full of love and compassion, we help them to release the traumas and stuck energies which help to free both them and us.

Spirit of Place - A Guided Meditation

In our guided meditation today we go where the spirit of the place has called us in and we feel and connect to the energy of this place.

Earth Ancestors

Length: 00:27:28

One of the most important and transforming things we can do as human inhabitants of this earth is to work with the ancestors of the land in which we live in or on. As it is, not enough people are honoring the land and the land is not respected. At the same time, we are also neglecting our dead and forgetting the importance of honoring our ancestors. We've allowed our world to become very out of balance. In this guided meditation we visit the ancestors of the land where we live, we co-create and connect to their energy to create a healing force for the land as well as for ourselves.


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