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These Immersive Guided Journeys are layered with sound, music, and voice. To get the most out of this experience, please wear headphones. Look to the gallery pics for more ways to get the most out of your immersive experience. Enjoy the journey!

Deep Prayer of My Soul


Length: 15:41

Deep Prayer of my Soul is a guided meditation that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. It is a confrontation of our deep-rooted fears, anxieties, and worries. This powerful meditation will help you to transform those energies and anything else that is holding you back.

Dakota will guide you to become the energy of the prayer itself, tapping into your heart chakra and experiencing the profound transformation that awaits us when we let go of what’s weighing us down. By connecting with your higher self, you will gain access to the infinite sacred wisdom that lies within us all.

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